Leonardo DiCaprio and Irina Shayk spark romance rumors at Coachella

irina shayk -and-Leonardo-DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper’s ex Irina Shayk spotted at Coachella. Pic credit: © Pictures/Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

As the annual Coachella extravaganza moves full-steam ahead, amongst the sea of familiar famous faces was an unexpected pairing that had everyone talking. 

The Coachella Music Festival has long been a popular gathering for celebrities to enjoy music, art, and fashion. 

This year the celebrity roster included supermodel Irina Shayk and Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The two were spotted attending the Levi’s and Tequila Don Julio Neon Carnival together last night.

Irina, 36, is a stunning Russian-born model who has graced the covers of top fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. On the other hand, Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, is a critically acclaimed actor best known for his roles in iconic movies like Titanic and Inception.

Although the famous faces occupy different arenas in the entertainment industry, music seems to have brought them together at Coachella. 

Leonardo Dicaprio and Irina Shayk spotted at Coachella

According to Page Six, Irina and Leonardo danced the night away at the Levi’s and Don Julio’s Neon Carnival event at Coachella.

The two were with a group of people, including another of Leonardo’s longtime friends, model Stella Maxwell,

The influential group of partiers started Saturday night, continuing until early Sunday morning.

Paparazzi caught Irina and Leonardo getting close, sparking romance rumors.

It is worth noting that this encounter was rather unusual compared to Leonardo’s previous relationships. After all, the actor is known for dating young models, typically under 25, before breaking up with them. 

Irina is older than Leonardo’s usual type but also recently separated from her long-term partner Bradley Cooper in 2019. The couple shares a daughter named Lea De Seine.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio changing his under-25 dating preferences?

While it remains unclear whether or not their meeting at Coachella indicates any romantic connection between Irina and Leonardo, this unexpected duo has undoubtedly captured the attention of fans worldwide.

This pairing was intriguing not just because of the age difference and Leonardo’s dating history but also due to what this moment might represent. 

Suppose there was a romantic spark between Irina and Leonardo. In that case, it might indicate a shift in the actor’s preferences — possibly leaving behind his pattern of dating women under the age of 25.

And this would be the second time since Leonardo’s break up with Camila Morrone, shortly after her 25th birthday.

After breaking up with Camila, reports linked Leonardo and Gigi Hadid for months. At 27 years old and with a child, Gigi was another departure from Leonardo’s norm.

As for now, only time can tell what the future holds for their relationship.

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