Lacey from Love After Lockup slams Brittany and Marcelino in now-deleted tweet

Lacey texting her ex on Life After Lockup.
Lacey shaded Brittany and Marcelino on Twitter. Pic credit: WEtv

Lacey from Love After Lockup threw some shade at her co-stars, Brittany and Marcelino. While the current episode of Life After Lockup was airing, she took to Twitter to slam the couple.

In the now-deleted tweet, Lacey called out Marcelino for not wanting to get a job and even suggested he should pair up with Shane while she takes care of Brittany. This came into play following a conversation the couple had on Life After Lockup about Marcelino finding something more stable than his poker playing.

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The tweet came on the heels of Lacey from Love After Lockup sharing a photo on Instagram of what appears to have been an attack on her. The details she shared were slim, only confirming “he” broke down her door.

Love After Lockup viewers were confused about why Lacey decided to throw shade at Brittany and Marcelino. They are one of the most popular couples and one of the most successful from the franchise, and before the tweet, it didn’t appear there was bad blood between the couples.

It looks like a lot is going on in Lacey from Love After Lockup’s life. She has been mostly silent when it comes to the other couples on social media and seeing her attack Brittany and Marcelino was out of character for her. Since the tweet has been deleted, it may be that she has thought about it and decided to take back the diss.

Moving forward, it is unclear where Lacey and Shane stand. She also threw her husband under the bus in that tweet. Not only did she attack her co-stars, but she also put her business out for the world to see that things in her marriage aren’t as happy as she may want people to believe.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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