King Charles documentary alleges Princess Diana was the first to cheat

King Charles up close
The King Charles documentary may answer some lingering questions. Pic credit: ©

King Charles’s affair with Queen Camilla, when he was married to Princess Diana, was a huge scandal, but apparently, that’s not the whole story.

Paramount+ is readying for the debut of King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone, a documentary that details the royal’s earlier years in the “dysfunctional” royal family.

The new documentary will give viewers a personal and inside look into King Charles’ life and how he grew up with his parents, his romance-seeking years, and his marriage to beloved Princess Diana.

The documentary may also reveal some royal secrets to the public, which has become a common trend with Prince Harry speaking out against the family and their secrets in his book, Spare.

While it seems unlikely that The Boy Who Walked Alone will be as scandalous as anything Harry and Meghan can do, there are some interesting claims.

One shocking tidbit is just one simple line of dialogue, where a voiceover says, “I can categorically say that the first person that strayed in the marriage was the Princess of Wales.”

Who really cheated first: King Charles or the late Princess Diana?

In his youth, King Charles was known as a bit of a playboy, with a lot of suitors constantly coming to him given his looks and his royal title.

Though many were immediately in love with Charles from his name alone, when he first met Camilla in 1970, he was the one who become entirely attached to her, and they began seeing each other exclusively for a short time, splitting in 1971 as Camilla wasn’t eligible for the throne.

In 1973, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles, much to Charles’s displeasure. However, the two remained friends and began an affair sometime in 1978 or 1979.

Charles met Diana in 1977 but didn’t start dating her until 1980. Given that Diana met the prerequisites to be an heir to the throne, the two would wed in 1981.

During the early years of their relationship, Charles remained close to Camilla, and the two began another affair around 1986 as Charles and Diana navigated their irreparably unhappy marriage.

Around the same time Charles’ affair began with Camilla in ’86, Diana was allegedly having an affair with Major James Hewitt.

However, even on the night of their wedding, Charles told Diana that he did not love her, and she almost did not marry the man.

Diana and Charles separated in 1992 with their divorce being finalized in 1996, while Camilla divorced her husband in 1995. In 2005, Charles and Camilla wed after many years together and remain married to this day.

So who really began the affair first? Perhaps Diana was the first one to act in marriage, but Charles seems to have had a candle burning for Camilla for over a decade despite his relationship with Diana.

King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone could answer lingering questions

The upcoming documentary could very well shine a new light on Charles’s marriage to Diana, though truthfully, it seems the knowledge already known is about all there is to the story.

Both parties were open about their unhappy marriage, mistakes, and more in the years following their separation.

To learn more, curious minds will have to check into Paramount+ ahead of the coronation to learn about King Charles’s eventful past, present, and future.

King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone airs May 2 on Paramount+.

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