Kiing Shooter dies: Cause of death believed to be COVID-19 as three arrested at impromptu memorial for rapper

Kiing Shooter poses
Kiing Shooter was just 24-years old when he passed away; his debut album Still Outside was released last week. Pic credit: @kiing shooter/ Instagram

Rapper Kiing Shooter has died in New York. The rapper, real name William Daniels, is suspected of having died from complications arising from COVID-19.

He was 24-years-old.

Kiing Shooter was a long time friend and associate of Dave East, the pair collaborating on many projects. Shooter had released his debut album Still Outside last month.

As news of his death reached residents in his native Queensbridge in Queens, New York, many folks gathered in mourning at the Queensbridge Houses, a sprawling complex of apartment blocks.

This led to police moving in to break up the gathering crowds.

NYPD broke up impromptu memorial for Kiing Shooter

When the NYPD broke up groups of people gathered in the apartment blocks, mourners began moving towards a nearby park.

When the NYPD heard of approximately 50 people heading towards the park, they blocked and sealed off the entrance, and arrested at least three people.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned any mass gatherings of any kind due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. As a result, the city mayor Bill de Blasio granted the NYPD with the power to break up gatherings and impose social distancing.

Kiing Shooter’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed, and reports remain mixed. All Hip-Hop reports that Shooter might have contracted COVID-19, but he was also known to have a liver problem.

Last week he posted a picture to Instagram of himself in a hospital bed.

“This can’t be life,” he wrote, “I Said Henny Was Stronger Than The Rona I Ain’t Kno It Was That Strong. No more drinking for me.”

It looked like he might have been making a recovery as he later posted a short video and another pic with much more optimistic sentiments, “Watch How I Bounce Bacc 10x Stronger,” and “Try To Kicc Me While I’m Down And Watch How I Move When I Come Bacc.”

Tributes for Kiing Shooter on Twitter

Tributes came in for the rapper on Twitter with one user writing, “rest in glory, Kiing Shooter.”

Another user called the tragic news “wild” and wrote that it “hurt my day.”

Many folks issued their sympathies to Kiing Shooter’s friend Dave East. “I hope he keeps his head up,” said one user.

Last month, New York’s DJ Lance also passed away. The man who many referred to as the Party Starter was suspected of having died from COVID-19.

And just last month hip hop legend Stezo passed away at the age of 51. Stezo had started his career back in 1989 and was best known for his debut album Crazy Noise.

May they rest in peace.

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