Kevin Bacon launches Six Degrees of Separation coronavirus plan

Actor and musician Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon is using his concept of degrees of separation to promote social distancing. Pic credit: ©

Kevin Bacon is spreading the word about social distancing on social media by using the concept of “six degrees of separation.”

He is using the concept to encourage people to help stop the spread of coronavirus infection by staying at home.

Bacon has long been connected to the concept of six degrees of separation, which says that everyone is linked by six people or less. People are thus only six degrees away from each other.

He is also known for the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game in which participants try to find the shortest number of links — six or less — connecting Bacon to any actor based on their professional works.

People adapted the game to find the shortest number of links connecting them to other people based on the personal or professional contacts they share.

Kevin Bacon applies the concept of six degrees of separation to promote social distancing

Bacon is now applying the concept of six degrees of separation to fight the spread of coronavirus that WHO recently declared to be a pandemic.

He recently took to Instagram to launch a new social media campaign that advocates social distancing.

In the video, Bacon urged people to help fight the spread of coronavirus infection by staying at home.

He argued that staying at home saves lives because it reduces the rate of person-to-person or community transmission of the infection.

“Right now, like people around the world, I’m staying home because it saves lives and it is the only way we’re gonna slow down the spread of this coronavirus.”

He suggested that everyone has someone worth staying at home for.

Refusing to stay at home could lead to someone’s grandparent, mother, or wife, contracting the infection and falling seriously ill.

He then displayed a sign that has the name of his partner, Kyra Sedgwick, written on it.

“#I Stay Home For Kyra Sedgwick,” the sign read.

As Bacon explained that he was staying home for his partner, Kyra, she called him from another room in the house.

“Ahh, speak of the devil,” he said and called back that he was busy doing something.

Kevin Bacon asks who you stay home for

He asked viewers staying at home to also post a video or photo with a sign — using the hashtag #IStayHomeFor — saying who they were staying at home for and then tag six friends to do the same.

He urged people to join him to spread the word about the need for people to stay home for someone they love.

“Let’s use this 6 Degree thing to do some good!” he concluded in the caption of the video.

Kevin Bacon is an actor best known for roles in movies, such as Footloose, JFK, and a Few Good Men. He is married to Kyra Sedgwick, an actress known for playing Brenda Leigh Johnson on the crime drama series The Closer.

Many actors and actresses are staying at home at a time that production on many movies and TV shows is being postponed and release dates are being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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