Kesha shares secret engagement with mystery man

Kesha revealed a secret engagement. Pic credit: ©

Kesha was engaged but called it off, according to surprising new reports.

The singer-songwriter graced the cover of Rolling Stone, where she did a beautiful photoshoot for the publication.

Additionally, Kesha dropped an interesting nugget about a secret engagement in an interview accompanying the shoot. Kesha revealed that she had been engaged to a mystery man but ultimately called off the engagement.

The revelation undoubtedly surprised many fans because Kesha has typically kept her personal life private. 

Kesha’s heightened privacy came amid her years-long legal battle with famed producer Dr. Luke.

As Kesha gears up for a summer 2023 trial with the producer, she also has new music ready for release, engaging in promotional duties.

Kesha reveals engagement with mystery man

Kesha had a brief engagement, and the aftermath inspired a song on her new album.

However, as Kesha divulged, she and the mystery man have remained friends after the engagement. 

Kesha alludes to the relationship in lyrics from her fifth studio album, Gag Order, which comes out on May 19.

Although Kesha declined to share more information about her former fiance, her last public relationship was with Brad Ashenfelter. 

Kesha’s fans can check out Too Far Gone — the song inspired by the broken engagement. 

While Kesha didn’t provide many details about the relationship, she did open up about the difficulties she faced in her personal life.

Specifically, Kesha has endured mental health struggles exacerbated by the pandemic. Kesha used her music as an outlet to work through her emotions and deal with past trauma.

Kesha’s new album Gag Order shows evolution and growth

According to Rolling Stone, the album is unlike any of Kesha’s previous efforts and shows maturity and depth. Fans will see a different side of the singer, who famously appeared on The Simple Life.

In the interview, Kesha discussed working with Rick Rubin and detailed how meditation helped her achieve a spiritual breakthrough. She said her latest album was therapeutic and a clear deviation from her earlier party anthems like Tik Tok.

As Kesha explained in her interview, she encountered unpleasant emotions while writing Gag Order.

Kesha said, “I really dug into some of my uglier emotions and sides of myself that are less fun.” 

Kesha divulged that while showing vulnerability was “scary,” it was also healing.

She continued, “It’s scary being vulnerable. The fact that I have compiled an entire record of these emotions, of anger, of insecurity, of anxiety, of grief, of pain, of regret, all of that is so nerve-racking — but it’s also so healing.”

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