Kesha teases amazing stories for 10 year anniversary of Die Young

Kesha looks fabulous on a red carpet in front of a blue backdrop.
Kesha stuns on the red carpet with bright blonde hair. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

The career of Kesha has come a long way since she started releasing catchy pop songs early on. She’s been active since 2005!

Her music has continued to exceed all expectations with her lyrics getting deeper and more emotional than ever before in her newer albums.

It’s actually been 10 years since her song “Die Young” hit radio stations everywhere. It became one of the top songs to dance to back then, and people still enjoy it today.

The song is about enjoying each moment of your life as much as possible because tomorrow is never promised. It’s about living your best life and being present in the moment.

Kesha celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the unforgettable hit with a dazzling photo thread in an outfit that made her look chic and classy.

Right before that, she spent time at Universal Studios Hollywood wearing a fun, colorful, and playful outfit while making her way through the theme park.

Kesha dazzles in a professional fit

Kesha posed for a couple of pictures wearing a trendy outfit that looked edgy and professional at the same time. She wore a long-sleeved black blazer over a white button-up top with a collar.

The button-up top was left undone from the bottom to reveal the black bandeau she was wearing underneath. A few inches on her stomach were easy to see, but her belly button was hidden in the high-waisted slacks she was wearing.

The slacks opened up over her knees in order to reveal a little extra skin, though. Kesha wore her dark brown hair parted to the side and slicked back in an elegant manner.

She also rocked a pair of simple white square-shaped acrylic nails to go along with her dramatic face of makeup. Her hand tattoo was visible, and so was one of the tiny tattoos on her middle finger.

Kesha shouted out her song “Die Young” in an Instagram caption that said, “10 years since die young! So wild. God the stories I wish I could tell u, animals. One day…” It’s interesting to think about all of the wild stories Kesha hasn’t shared with her fans.

Kesha shouts out Universal Studios in a playful outfit

Kesha spent time at Universal Studios Hollywood wearing a T-shirt dress that was covered in an intricate pattern. The dress included a wide variety of colors such as pink, red, orange, brown, white, and black.

She wore a pair of pink converse sneakers with a pair of matching pink socks that went about halfway up her calves. Although the fabric of her sneakers was mostly pink, the front sections and laces were white.

She shouted out the popular theme park with a caption that said, “Thankkkk yewwww @unistudios for the tix !!! Fun times n lots of candy was had. #ad.” Universal Studios Hollywood is known as a fun place for guests to visit for rides and other attractions.

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