Kesha goes dark — Check out singer’s short, brown hair transformation

Kesha on the red carpet
Kesha debuts her new look to her followers. Pic credit: ©

Kesha has taken to Instagram today to show off her brand new hair transformation.

Move over world – short haired, brunette Kesha is taking over

Kesha posted a selfie rocking a short, shaggy bob hairstyle with tousled straight-across bangs.

The singer, 34, quickly became a pop sensation in the early 2010’s by way of both music and style.

Fans over the past decade have followed her fashion choices closely, as she created a recognizable look for herself right at the start of her career.

She posted the photo of her new look accompanied by the caption, “Haircut n nails n s**t”

Most famously known for her albums Animal and Warrior, Kesha’s edgy, personal style matched the uniqueness that made her songs standout on the radio. She became known as the pop star with trademarked long blonde hair, face glitter, bold eyeshadow, sparkly clothing, and any outfit involving the color black.

Kesha went brunette for the first time back in 2019

The first time Kesha changed her hair from blonde to brunette was around three years ago just before announcing a new surprise track. Before that, she had only done bold, unnatural colors for a short amount of time – such as pink, yellow, and purple.

2019 was the first time she switched it up to a natural color besides blonde. Although it didn’t last, and in the past three years she has gone back to having light hair, is seems as if the artist wants to embrace a more edgy, shaggy side.

Fans of Kesha have stopped by her post to show their love for her new look. Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher landed the top comment spot by posting two heart-eyed emojis on the singer’s photo.

Jojos comment on Keshas post
Pic credit: @iiswhoiis/Instagram

Some fans have even speculated the “new-do” could be a hint at new music – as it was last time she went brunette.


Austin's comment on Keshas post
Pic credit: @iiswhoiis/Instagram

Whether Kesha is releasing new music or just switching up her trademarked look, the overall fan reaction to her new hair is genuinely very positive. Because let’s face it — it doesn’t matter if it’s blonde beach-y waves or a brunette bob, Kesha’s new looks are always fresh.

Kesha said it best, “We R Who We R.” And fans “R” ready for whatever look Kesha will come around the corner with next.

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