Kelly Ripa promotes Generation Gap after Live with Kelly and Mark debut week backlash

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa promotes another hosting gig amid backlash from Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Kelly Ripa’s got a backup plan just in case things go south on the morning show.

On Monday, the All My Children actress switched gears to promote the second season of her game show, Generation Gap.

Kelly, 52, announced that she had just finished filming the ABC show, which is set to premiere on June 29.

The promotional video, shared by Kelly on Instagram, showed the star host in a slew of bright-colored outfits as she got ready to shoot the comedy quiz show.

“That’s a wrap on season 2 of #GenerationGap. When you have four days to shoot the entire season, you better work!” Kelly wrote.

The new promo comes right after her debut week alongside her husband, Mark Consuelos, at Live with Kelly and Mark.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos receive criticism over morning show debut

After Ryan Seacrest announced his departure from the morning show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, it was announced that Kelly’s husband would be taking over the role.

Mark made his official debut on April 17, where their premiere episode garnered mixed reviews amongst loyal viewers.

Some were particularly not pleased to see that the show still kept its title of “Live,” even though it was shown that the Thursday and Friday episodes had been pre-recorded.

Tweet about Live with Kelly and Mark
Pic credit: @septemberluv90/Twitter

Viewers also had a ton of other criticism of Kelly and Mark as the show’s new team, with some slamming the couple’s on-air PDA and stories of their romantic life.

Some also felt as if the two kept talking over each other and that Kelly, in particular, kept interrupting her husband.

While Kelly has been a host of the show for 22 years, she recently admitted to constantly thinking about leaving the job, even with her hunky husband now by her side.

Kelly Ripa says she always ‘thinks of retiring’

Kelly has now shared the Live stage with multiple cohosts over the past two decades, and especially now with other gigs under her belt, she opened up about possibly leaving the show.

“It’s so funny. Every time you get a new cohost, it’s like a little jolt of energy. But to be clear, I am always thinking about retiring. It is my favorite topic of discussion,” Kelly joked ahead of Mark’s takeover.

She said that she does “see a vision of the show” without her and does not believe it will end after she chooses to leave.

“I am a fan of Live since before I got there. The bad part about hosting the show for these almost 23 years is that I don’t get to watch the show anymore, and that is sad for me,” Kelly said.

Kelly argued that the show doesn’t begin and end with one host. She explained that it’s a collaborative effort and that no one person is bigger than the show. She also suggested the show would have “endless opportunities” to try out new people beyond herself and Mark.

While Kelly may not see herself hosting the morning show for the rest of her days, at least she has other hosting jobs, such as Generation Gap, ready to go in her back pocket.

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