Kelly Clarkson called ‘iconic’ for hilarious Jon Bon Jovi moment

Kelly Clarkson and Jon Bon Jovi on the red carpet
Kelly had a relatable moment involving Jon Bon Jovi. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Clarkson has been earning praise from fans after she had a hilarious moment with rocker Jon Bon Jovi on her talk show this week.

Jon was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote Bon Jovi’s latest album, Forever, which dropped today.

To honor the band, which celebrates 40 years since their first album dropped this year, Kelly was set to sing Blaze of Glory.

Kelly struggled to perform the song during rehearsal because she simply couldn’t read the words.

The official Instagram account for The Kelly Clarkson Show featured Kelly screwing up the words on many takes.

Thankfully, Jon soon came out to rescue Kelly, and her reaction to all of it had her fans buzzing and us cracking up laughing.

Kelly Clarkson called ‘iconic’ for hilarious Bon Jovi moment

The comments section was on fire once the video was released, with fans singing Kelly’s praises.

“this is absolutely iconic. kelly is so real for this!” said one fan, while another called her “LEGEEEEEEENDDDDDD.”

So many Kelly fans let the American Idol winner know that not only was her reaction hilarious, but she was also extremely funny. There was so much love pouring out for Kelly over this hilarious mishap.

Kelly Clarkson comments
Kelly’s fans share their support. Pic credit: @kellyclarksonshow/Instagram

“The fact that you embrace doing the wrong thing and joke about it, speaks to your character and why so many people love you.” wrote a fan.

Kelly being nervous because Jon was coming was relatable for many in the comments section. The former The Voice coach being real was mentioned more than once by her fans because it’s one reason she’s adored so much.

“You can sing everything wrong and still be amazing and Jon is fantastic!!!!,” read one comment.

Fans gush over Kelly Clarkson
More Kelly fans show their support. Pic credit: @kellyclarksonshow/Instagram

Jon Bon Jovi shares memories on The Kelly Clarkson Show

In another clip, Kelly and Jon take a trip down memory lane, where viewers learn he’s a bit of a hoarder. Jon opened up about keeping a paper plate note he wrote to his parents, asking for a new guitar from the old guitar’s perspective.

Yes, you read the last part right, and it’s quite funny.

The singer also unveiled what his now-wife, Dorothea, wrote in his high school yearbook. Dorothea signed it Dot, which made Jon chuckle as it’s not a name he calls or has ever called her.

Once again Jon Bon Jovi did not disappoint during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The host didn’t either, as fans celebrate Kelly Clarkson for her hilarious moment with the rockstar.

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