Kelly Clarkson admits to using weight loss drug after incredible body transformation

Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show
Kelly Clarkson had help losing weight. Pic credit: NBC

Kelly Clarkson has been a hot topic of conversation after she shed several pounds after moving her talk show from the West Coast to the East Coast.

The former American Idol winner looked significantly different as she began to debut a more petite frame and upped the ante on her wardrobe.

There was speculation about how Kelly lost the weight, with many suspecting it was with the help of the popular weight loss drug Ozempic.

However, it wasn’t Ozempic that helped in her journey. It was something similar, but Kelly didn’t name the product she was using.

While speaking to Whoopi Goldberg during a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the former The Voice coach confirmed she used something to help with the weight loss, something Whoopi could relate to.

It wasn’t shocking to learn Kelly had help with shedding the pounds, but it was refreshing to hear her talk about her experience and why she chose to use the product.

Kelly Clarkson admits to using weight loss drug

After much speculation, Kelly Clarkson admitted to using a weight loss drug to help her shed the pounds.

She revealed it wasn’t Ozempic but something similar. Her bloodwork came back bad, and her doctor suggested she try something to help move things along.

Admittedly, The Kelly Clarkson Show host had no idea her weight had ballooned like it did. At her heaviest, Kelly weighed in at 203 pounds.

While interviewing The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly admitted she had no idea what she looked like until someone filmed a performance she did and watched it back.

It was horrifying to see herself on-screen like that, which is when everything changed for the mom of two.


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Kelly Clarkson rocks body transformation

The talk show host doesn’t look like the woman she was a year ago.

Kelly Clarkson lost several pounds, and when she did, she received a wardrobe upgrade that flattered her thinner figure.

From belted dresses to more fashion-forward ensembles, the American Idol Season 1 winner was bringing her A-game to every episode she taped.

Finally admitted to having assistance while dropping the pound is a big step for Kelly. She was adamant it was diet changes and exercise, as she has walked a lot since moving to New York City with her two kids.

The recent episode with Whoopi Goldberg is one to watch, especially for those who have followed Kelly Clarkson and her journey over the years.

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