Keke Palmer’s boyfriend called ‘jealous’ and ‘insecure’ after criticizing Usher concert outfit

keke palmer at the Nope film premiere
Keke Palmer attends the Nope film premier. Pic credit: © Bealing/Landmark Media

Keke Palmer’s boyfriend received serious backlash after publicly criticizing his girlfriend’s outfit for an Usher concert.

Palmer, 29, rocked a sheer full-length dress featuring small black squares all over it. Beneath that, a sleek black bodysuit was visible, revealing plenty of skin as part of her stunning ensemble.

The actress and singer shared a carousel of photos featuring the gorgeous attire with her 13 million followers on Instagram.

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Images included Palmer as she playfully struck a few poses to reveal her complete outfit near a pillar and silver curtains. Additional photos showed Palmer in selfie mode for close-ups of her look.

In a caption, Palmer said she was “truly inspired” by her outing to Usher’s concert and indicated it the performance was “absolutely iconic.”

“I wish I had taken more pictures but we were running late! I am telling y’all right now, if you haven’t seen @usher YOU MUST GO!! HE WAS SO FABULOUS!!” Palmer gushed about the concert.

Usher serenaded Keke Palmer during his concert

A video from the event that began circulating online showed Usher serenading Keke Palmer with his hit song, There Goes My Baby. As he started singing, Palmer hugged the singer and remained close as they swayed to the music.

At one point, Usher put the mic out for Palmer, allowing her to impress the crowd with her singing ability. Usher eventually backed away, and Palmer danced nearby. She also gave a spin to show off the revealing back part of her sheer dress, which left little to the imagination.

Moments later, the singer walked up to Palmer and hugged her again before he told the crowd, “Put your hands together for Keke.”

“You lookin’ fabulous, baby,” Usher also said in the clip.

In the video, Palmer fanned herself after the singer serenaded her, seeming starstruck and in awe of the close-up performance.

While Palmer didn’t share the video footage, she shared the Instagram post above featuring her gorgeous outfit. Palmer also asked in her caption, “Where is that pic of us all together with the King himself?” suggesting that she and her friends got at least one selfie with the You Got It Bad singer.

Usher stopped by her post’s comment section, thanking Palmer and her group for coming out to his show.

usher commented after keke palmer attends his concert
Pic credit: @keke/Instagram

While it appeared everyone had a great time at Usher’s show, a comment from Palmer’s boyfriend riled up plenty of people online, who blasted him and rushed to Palmer’s defense.

Keke Palmer’s boyfriend blasted over his critical comment about her outfit

In a since-deleted tweet, Keke Palmer received what many people considered an unnecessarily critical comment from her boyfriend, Darius Jackson.

Per USA Today, Jackson tweeted, “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom,” which drew the ire of plenty of Twitter commenters.

“So- she’s a new mom?? And? She looks SO great and is having a great time and not even doing too much. Instead of being dope & gassing new mama having fun, you chose to try & check her with a gossip blog quote, in front of the world? Why did you feel compelled to do such a thing?” one reply to Jackson said.

fans defend keke palmer and blast her boyfriend after usher outing
Pic credit: @RevereRomance/Twitter

An individual replied to the tweet above, suggesting Jackson made his comment to “get people to notice him,” mentioning “he has no relevance compared to her.”

fan comments about darius jackson criticizing keke
Pic credit: @datnouveau/Twitter

“Don’t date a baddie if you’re gonna be this insecure,” another Twitter reply to Jackson’s since deleted tweet said.

fan blasts darius jackson critical comment about keke
Pic credit: @monsieurmoscato/Twitter

In another since-deleted tweet, Jackson reportedly defended his original comment.

“We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is.”

“This is my family & my representation,” he said in his tweet, per USA Today, adding, “I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my case.”

Keke Palmer’s boyfriend continued trending on Twitter

Twitter users continued to call out the situation involving Jackson on Thursday as “Keke BD” trended on the platform. One tweet suggested that Jackson is a “stay at home dad” while his girlfriend is the family’s provider.

“KeKe bringing in the money and he talking about traditional and morals… something has got to give,” the commenter said.

Another tweet included an image of Spongebob performing multiple cleaning tasks simultaneously, suggesting it’s “What KeKe bd should’ve been doing” instead of criticizing his girlfriend.

Darius Jackson deleted his social media following the backlash over his comment

As of this writing, Jackson’s Twitter account is no longer active. Per Complex, Jackson has deleted his social media pages following the backlash he received.

In February, Palmer and Jackson welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Leodis Andrelton Jackson. The couple began dating in 2021, and Palmer confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy during her debut appearance as guest host of Saturday Night Live in December 2022.

Palmer hasn’t publicly addressed the recent backlash over her boyfriend’s social media comment. Based on the alleged deletion of his social media, Jackson might be trying to have people forget his comments ever happened, but as seen above, Twitter can be unrelenting.

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