Katy Perry’s due date: When is it likely to be?

Katy Perry singing in a video
Katy Perry announced she is having a baby with Orlando Bloom. Pic credit: Katy Perry/ YouTube

Katy Perry revealed on Thursday that she would be bringing a new life into the world. The singer first revealed she is pregnant through a music video posted to YouTube.

Perry can be seen cradling a fairly prominent baby bump at the end of her brand new music video for just-released Never Worn White.

She then further confirmed the news in an Instagram Live chat, followed by further posts to Instagram and Twitter, leaving us no doubt that she’ll be giving birth at some point this year.

The host of American Idol is engaged to 43-year-old actor Orlando Bloom, and this will be their first child together. Bloom already has a 9-year-old son named Flynn with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Bloom already hinted that this was a possibility last year when he said in an interview that he wanted more kids.

So when is Katy Perry’s baby due?

Katy has kept her cards close to her chest and has not revealed a due date, not yet anyway.

Perry has made it clear that we can expect a summer birth.

She said on Instagram Live, “There’s a lot that’s happening this summer. Not only will I be giving birth, literally, and figuratively… to something you guys have been waiting for.”

In later posts on Instagram and Twitter, she also wrote, “let’s just say it’s gonna be a jam packed summer…”

That means we should brace ourselves for a June, July, or August baby.

The good news is she has told fans that she’ll keep us informed all about her pregnancy “in the best way,” which is, of course, through her music.

And we cannot wait to hear all about it.

Katy Perry struggled to keep it a secret

The couple has clearly been struggling to keep it a secret, with Perry admitting it’s the longest secret she’s had to keep. “Omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore,” she wrote in one post on Twitter.

She also said, “it’s getting pretty obvious.”

Katy Perry first showed off her bump in music video

The big reveal came right at the end of this music video.

The video shows her in a long white flowing dress cradling the bump. You can watch the whole video below.

Rumors of Perrybloom being a thing first emerged way back in January 2016 when the pair were spotted dancing provocatively with each other at a Golden Globes after-party.

By February, it was clear that the pair were a couple.

They split up only ten-months later but rekindled their relationship in 2018. They announced their engagement on Valentine’s 2019.

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