Kate Middleton fans are happy she is well enough to travel

Kate Middleton at a SportsAid event.
Kate Middleton is able to travel for a mini vacation and fans are glad. Pic credit: ©

It has been more than three weeks since Kate Middleton was hospitalized for her abdominal surgery, and finally, fans have some good news about her.

Kate has been in deep recovery mode after her surgery, with no pictures of her leaving the hospital or going to her home, Adelaide Cottage.

While there are still no photos of Kate after her surgery, there is news that she is traveling to Sandringham and is happy to have her children able to play and be a bit freer in Norfolk, according to Metro.

Kate’s husband, Prince William, was taking time off to help her in her recovery but had to cut that short because his father, King Charles, is having treatments for his newly found cancer.

Since Charles and Kate have cleared their public diaries, William resumed his royal duties earlier in the week.

He presided over an Investiture ceremony and attended a London Air Ambulance fundraiser. The Royal Family posted some highlights on their Instagram account.

Fans share their feelings now that Kate is feeling better and can travel

The Daily Mail reports that William has taken Kate and their three children, Prince Goerge, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louise, to Sandringham.

As soon as word got out that Kate was well enough to travel after her intense abdominal surgery, fans could not wait to share their delight.

One fan shared, “Excellent news! So glad Catherin is feeling a bit better.”

A fan is excited that Kate Middleton is feeling better after her operation.
A fan of Kate Middleton posted about her feeling well enough to travel. Pic credit: @SabirahLohn/X

One fan was glad they chose Adelaide Cottage and said, “That’s excellent news and I am very happy for her.”

And another said, ‘I thought so as well, but the fact she feels well enough to travel is a wonderful sign.”

Yet another said, “(exhale) the best news!” Fans have been holding their breath, waiting for good news about their beloved Kate.

A final fan in the sampling said, “Yes!”

Fans are excited that Kate Middleton can travel.
Fans post on X (formerly Twitter) about Kate Middleton and her travel plans. Pic credit: @SabirahLohn/X

Update on King Charles amidst his cancer treatments

Since King Charles was hospitalized for his enlarged prostate, news has come out that he has cancer and has started treatments for it.

Queen Camilla took on the brunt of the royal duties while King Charles, William, and Kate dealt with his cancer and Kate’s surgery.

USA Today has reported that Camilla gave an update on Charles Thursday night during a Salisbury Cathedral concert. She says the king is doing “extremely well under the circumstances.”

Kate may be able to spend some time with Charles and Camilla while she vacations at Sandringham.

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