Kate Hudson and daughter share ‘mom hug’ moment on Instagram

Kate Hudson posing with her daughter on Instagram.
Kate Hudson has been spending quality time with her daughter. Pic credit: @katehudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson broke the internet by sharing the sweetest video of her and her daughter! The actor took to Instagram to share a sneak-peek of her life as a mother-of-three, getting cuddles from her youngest child.

American actor and daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson is best known for her prominent roles in romantic comedies. She has starred in the infamous movies, How To Lose A Guy In 7 Days, Something Borrowed and Almost Famous. More recently, she has been enjoying her life as an entrepreneur, having famously co-founded the athleisure wear company Fabletics.

The star is currently married to the 35-year-old actor Danny Fujikawa and the two welcomed their first child into the world, Rani Fujikawa, in 2018. Additionally, they share two children from Hudson’s previous relationships, Ryder Robinson and Bingham Bellamy.

Hudson shares Instagram video

Earlier this week, Hudson shared a video of her and her daughter sharing a cuddle in the ocean. She captioned this touching video, “To anyone who needs a weightless womb like mom hug, we share this with you #weallneedmomhugs.”

In the short video, Hudson is rocking an oversized blue visor with a matching swimsuit. Her daughter is also protected from the sun rays under the shade of Hudson’s hat and is seen swaying with her mother while she gently taps the water.

Her fans and peers enjoyed this video, taking to the comment section to leave their thoughts and adoration. Comedian Chelsea Handler wrote, “That’s sweetness.” She then took to leaving a double comment, adding, “But, I’m also upset we have to wear hats like this now,” poking fun of Hudson’s visor-like hat that leaves room for her messy top-knot bun.

Life as a working mother

Hudson has been busy hitting the press trail lately, promoting her three newly-launched businesses: InBloom, King St. Vodka and Sibling Revelry. She recently took to Entrepreneur to discuss the unique qualities of her businesses and the sustainable mission put forth by InBloom.

Hudson shared, “My whole thing is: How do we democratize wellness? How do we get people to understand it? And how do we make it sustainable? Because n this world, there’s so much waste. You think something is supposed to be recyclable, but you have to take it to a special place to actually do it. The bags they say are biodegradable aren’t. Or you have to compost them, and how many people are really doing that?”

In the same interview, the 24-year-old actor also spoke about balancing motherhood with being a businesswoman. She opened up about growing attuned to her daughter’s needs and complaints. Hudson expressed that she uses her children’s behaviors as “signs.” She explained “You know, Why is Rani a little aggravated? Well, it’s because I’ve been working all day. She’s right.”

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