Who is Danny Fujikawa? Age, occupation, and everything you need to know about Kate Hudson’s baby daddy

Who is Danny Fujikawa?
Who is Danny Fujikawa? Pic credit: Kate Hudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson announced the birth of her third child today, but many fans are wondering who is Danny Fujikawa, the father of her child?

Kate Hudson revealed all the information about her new daughter — Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa — today. It is her third child and the first with Fujikawa.

Who is Danny Fujikawa?

The three fathers of Kate Hudson’s kids all have something in common. Her ex-husband is Chris Robinson, the lead singer of the Black Crowes.

Her second baby daddy is the lead singer of the rock band Muse, Matt Bellamy.

Keeping with the idea of dating musicians, Danny Fujikawa was also in a band, although one that is far less famous than the Black Crowes and Muse.

Fujikawa is the former lead singer of the band Chief, a folk-rock band from Los Angeles. He co-founded the band with his brother Michael, and although the band has broken up, all the members are still friends.

He owns a record label called Lightwave Records, which he launched in 2013.

How did Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa meet?

Interestingly, Kate Hudson has known Danny Fujikawa for 16 years now. At that time, Kate was 23 and was married to Chris Robinson and pregnant with her first child Ryder.

She said that Danny’s step-sisters were best friends with Kate’s sisters, so they were in the “same circles for years.”

The two then began to date in late 2016 but kept it on the down low.

In May 2017, the finally stepped out together on a red carpet for the movie Snatched which starred Goldie Hawn, Kate’s mother.

While they are not married, Kate Hudson has called him the “love of [her] life” and now the two have a beautiful baby girl to celebrate that love.

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