Kanye West blames DaBaby for delays on his latest album Donda

Screenshot of Kanye West in music video
Kanye West recently put DaBaby on blast. Pic credit: Kanye West/YouTube

The neverending drama surrounding Kanye West’s forthcoming album, Donda, continues. West took to his Instagram account to blame controversial rapper DaBaby for delaying his album, sharing screenshots of alleged text messages.

Donda has been set to drop on September 3 and will mark West’s tenth studio album. The album is named after the rapper’s late mother who died in 2007 due to complications from cosmetic surgery. The album has had multiple expected release dates and thus far, none have been accurate. However, West has been keeping fans on their toes by hosting Donda listening parties.

The latest one took place on August 26 and left many confused. During this showing, he brought out accused sexual abuser Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, who was recently accused of making homophobic remarks. GQ reports that West has replaced rapper Jay-Z on a song from the album called Jail.

But the plot thickens as West exposes DaBaby for not signing off on the recording.

What did Kanye West say?

West is notorious for posting accusatory posts on his social media and abruptly deleting them. With no caption, the Yeezus singer posted a series of cryptic texts that he exchanged with someone named “Bu,” who is assumed to be his manager.

The text exchange reads, from Bu, “On another note, DaBaby manager isn’t clearing ‘Jail.’ So we won’t be able to Upload unless we take him off. What’s ur thoughts?” While West inquired for more details, they were not provided as neither DaBaby nor his manager is “answering their phones.”

Screenshot of Kanye West's Instagram post
Pic credit: @kanyewest/Instagram

Further down in the conversation, West confides that he will not be removing DaBaby from the track. His reason dating back to his failed 2020 presidential campaign where DaBaby was the “only person” who pledged their allegiance to the rapper.

In a second screenshot shared by West, he tells his manager: “Yo manager cap. They tried to stop you from coming in. The people next to you trying to destroy you. But God gotta bigger plan.”

Bu replies, “A plan that can’t be stopped.”

Screenshot of Kanye's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @kanyewest/Instagram

While West hasn’t offered additional commentary on the situation, it appears as though he accused DaBaby of “trying to destroy” him. The last time he posted cryptic screenshots of a text conversation is when he was reigniting his feud with Drake, in regards to them dropping new music on the same date. Those screenshots have since been deleted.

What are fans saying?

Fans are shocked over this latest update about Donda. Many are still confused as to why DaBaby was slated to replace Jay-Z on the album. It is assumed that West is making a weak statement against “cancel culture.”

One fan wrote, “This man kanye is really about to dump his whole album for … dababy??”

Another called him out on his strange alliance with DaBaby. They tweeted, “Kanye really said ‘I’m not taking my brother off’ when talking about DaBaby but took JAY Z off the exact same song, then got rid of Kid Cudi and Pusha T in 3 other songs as well…”

DaBaby has yet to issue a response to West’s screenshots. Much like Donda, it might never come.

Update: Kanye West officially released Donda on August 29. DaBaby was removed from the opening track Jail and Jay-Z’s verse was reinstated.

Donda is currently expected to premiere on September 3.

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