Kanye West banned from Clubhouse after latest antisemitic rant

Kanye West outside
Kanye West has found himself banned from another social media site. Pic credit: ©

Kanye West has been banned from the social media site Clubhouse following the 45-year-old’s latest antisemitic comments.

The controversial rapper, who has been under fire due to his comments and accusations about Jewish people, was previously suspended from Twitter

Now, it appears Kanye has been suspended from yet another social media site.

Kanye made his latest offensive comments during a Q&A session with music manager Wack100 on the platform on Saturday, December 3.

Fans and critics alike were able to watch the session for a fee of $20, but not even an hour after starting, it ended abruptly.

Though the video ended without warning, Kanye continued to make offensive comments about Jewish people during the conversation, which appears to be why the video was cut short and the reason for his suspension.

Kanye West makes more offensive comments and gets banned from Clubhouse 

The ex of Kim Kardashian began to share and take part in a conspiracy theory that alleges Jewish people “are used by the Chinese” to control Black people, describing Jewish people as “just middlemen.”

Following the sudden ending of the talk, Clubhouse confirmed Kanye’s suspension in a statement to The Wrap.

“We took action to shut down a conversation yesterday because it violated our policies,” the statement began. 

“We also suspended those who violated the policies. There’s absolutely no place for bullying, hate speech, or abuse on our platform as explicitly stated in our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.”

Kanye West banned on Instagram after sharing new song

Kanye’s ban from Clubhouse comes after he received yet another temporary suspension from Instagram.

This time, the rapper found himself banned after he shared his new song on the platform that addressed the backlash to his antisemitic comments, as Hot New Hip Hop reports. 

The post was swiftly removed from Kanye’s Instagram before his account was suspended.

Kanye West’s backlash for his controversial comments 

Following Kanye’s controversial comments, many of his fashion industry partners like Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga cut ties with him

As a result, he claimed it cost him about $2 billion “in one day,” says NME.

What’s more, according to People, The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago revoked Kanye’s honorary doctorate degree that was given to him in 2015.

A petition has been made as well, with the goal of removing all his work from streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. As of now, it has surpassed 85,000 signatures.

Over the weekend, Kanye was named “Antisemite of the Year” by the watchdog group StopAntisemitism. 

The mogul was awarded the infamous dishonor for relentless “threats of violence, hateful conduct and hate speech” against the Jewish community, the group said in a Twitter video.

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