Kanye West hits back after Howard Stern compared him to Hitler

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Rapper Kanye West is no longer a billionaire after Adidas ends its partnership with his businesses. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Kanye West has fired back at radio host Howard Stern after he compared the rapper to Hitler following his anti-Semitic comments.

As previously reported, Stern criticized the rapper and those who used his mental illness as an excuse for his comments about Jewish people.

Stern comments came after numerous businesses and entities cut ties with the rapper. His talent agency CAA, lawyers, retailers, and other partners stopped working with the Yeezy designer.

Kanye also had his upcoming tour dates canceled and his music streams are down.

Ye took his biggest hit when Adidas ended its partnership with his Yeezy brand.

Without the lucrative deal with Adidas which he joined a few years after leaving Nike in 2013, he was removed from the Forbes billionaire list.

Kanye West calls Howard Stern a sad old man

The 45-year-old rapper appeared on the Lex Fridman Podcast and spoke at length about his recent controversies.

He was asked about Howard Stern criticizing him and his half-apology and responded with the following.

“What is the version of the apology short of kissing Howard Stern’s d***?” West questioned. He continued, “That’s the whole point, Howard Stern, nobody wants to kiss your d*** so shut the f*** up!’

West confirmed he intended to antagonize Stern with his rebuttal.

West said, “By the way, I’m antagonizing you, Howard Stern, I used to be a fan of you; now you’re just doing clickbait like everybody else, now you’re just a sad old man Howard.”

“Now, Howard Stern, this is the first time anyone’s said your name in years – your own family doesn’t say your name unless they’re calling to get their bills paid,” he said with a laugh.

The podcast host said the rapper should criticize individuals as he did with Stern, rather than targeting the entire Jewish community as he did with his controversial tweets.

According to the Daily Mail, Kanye continued, speculating that Stern was going to be screaming at him over his comeback. He also said Stern was jealous that the rapper started his presidential campaign earlier than him and urged the radio host to let go of his jealousy.

Adidas gives up $246 million in net income to get rid of Kanye

In the statement, Adidas announced that they ended their partnership with Kanye and his companies.

They cited his antisemitism and other forms of hate speech as their reason for parting ways with him, as it goes against their company’s values of diversity and inclusion.

Adidas estimated that the end of the partnership would result in a loss of $250 million in their fourth quarter but expect to bounce back in the long term.

Kanye has remained uncharacteristically silent since the clothing brand made the announcement. He previously bragged that his anti-Semitic comments would not prompt the brand to end its relationship with him.

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