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Justin Timberlake dumped Britney Spears ‘via text message,’ says Overprotected producer

Justin Timberlake dumped Britney Spears with a text message.
Justin Timberlake dumped Britney Spears by text message. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were Disney’s golden couple as the pop stars emerged on the scene years after appearing on the Mickey Mouse Club together.

But the two had a chaotic break-up, which led to cheating allegations and the video Cry Me a River by Justin. 

A source close to the former lovers has revealed that Justin dumped Britney with a text message. The source also called the decision the worst of Justin’s life. Hard-working Britney got back to work shortly after the cold-hearted text.

Justin Timberlake dumped Britney Spears through a text message

Justin Timberlake allegedly broke up with Britney Spears through a text message on the set of a music video. 

So claims a source who was at the music video set, a producer named Chris Applebaum. 

Chris shared a picture with Britney on the set of Overprotected and a lengthy caption that detailed the chain of events. 

Chris said of the picture, “This was taken on the 2nd shoot day for her “Overprotected” video. It was a (planned) 24 hr shoot day, and we had one crew clock out after 12 hrs & a new one clock in.”

Chris explained that he was filming Britney’s video, and she disappeared. He wrote, “ At some point during the 2nd shift Brit disappeared, and I went to her trailer to fetch her…only to discover her BF Justin had just broken up with her via text message.”

The producer had some relationship advice and suggested against dumping through text message. He wrote, “(Let me recommend to any who reads this: don’t break up via text!)”

Finally, he shared that Britney got back to work shortly after she received the devastating news. He wrote, “We sat on the floor of her trailer for a minute, talked it out, and then rallied. I told her she should get out there & show Justin he made the biggest mistake of his life. That was just one of the stories from this shoot…”

The cryptic ending sounded as if the producer had more tales to tell. 

Britney Spears dated Justin Timberlake until 2002

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake met on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club as children and started dating in 1999.

Britney was repeatedly asked about her sex life during her career, as the media was fascinated with her virginity. According to Entertainment Weekly, Britney told W Magazine, “I’ve only slept with one person my whole life.”

Britney explained at the time, “I thought he [Timberlake] was the one. But I was wrong! I didn’t think he was gonna go on Barbara Walters and sell me out.”

Justin publicly discussed his sex life with Britney multiple times after their break-up, something he has finally been called out for doing.

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