Justin Bieber shaves his mustache and wife Hailey Baldwin is digging it

Close up of Justin Bieber's mustache
Bieber showed no shame in showing off his mustache on Instagram. Pic credit: Justin Bieber/ Instagram

Justin Bieber has spent the last few weeks experimenting with facial hair.

While the internet has remained dramatically divided over the success of these experiments, the singer seems to have maintained the support of wife Hailey Baldwin.

At least publicly.

Bieber took to Instagram earlier this month, surprising many, with a hairy top lip. While many openly complained, wife Hailey commented, “Cute buggggg.”

Perhaps not a ringing endorsement from Hailey, but the comment certainly had positive overtones.

Hailey Baldwin not actually a hairy lip fan

However, last week a source reportedly told People that Hailey “can’t stand the mustache so it will eventually come off.”

“For now, Justin is amused… It’s making him feel like a rebel, and he likes it,” the source continued.

The Yummy singer posted a video of himself shaving on his Instagram story.

In the video, we see him calmly walk up to a bathroom mirror, as the Rolling Stones Miss You plays in the background, with a razor in hand he adjusts the mirror and attacks the fur on his upper lip.

Admiring himself in the mirror afterward, he seems happy with the result as Kelly Clarkson’s Since You Been Gone, followed by Ray Charles’s Hit The Road Jack play in the background.

Justin Bieber shaving
Justin Bieber posted a vid of himself shaving the offending tache. Pic credit: Justin Bieber/ Instagram

He then posted a picture of himself fully shaved with the caption “Baby face BIEB” superimposed over the photo.

He wrote a warning for haters of the mustache, “I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time.”

Unfortunately, haters of the hairy lip will be unable to relax, for who knows when it will return?

Hailey took to the comments section to write, “Yeee,” followed by the heart eyes emoji.

Happiness and grief over death of mustache

Comments were mixed with some rejoicing over the shaving, whereas others mourned the hairy loss.

“Thank you, Jesus,” said actor John Gray. Another user also felt the need to thank a higher divine power writing, “Ya praise God.” Musician Andrew Watt simply stated, “respect.”

Survivor: Worlds Apart contestant Rodney Lavoie Jr. wrote “RIP Mustachio!!” and Justin’s manager Scooter Braun wrote, “Where the hell is ricardo mustachio?? What have you done with him???”

And there you have it.

The mustache, after being introduced to the world with such fanfare two weeks ago, is no more.

“MY STASH MY LIFE DEAL WITH IT,” Bieber wrote in his initial post two weeks ago, but perhaps the world just wasn’t ready for mustachio…

The 25-year-old Canadian singer is enjoying something of a comeback these days, and he released his fifth studio album Changes on February 14, which includes hits Yummy, Intentions featuring Quavo, and Get Me, featuring Kehlani.

In a recent interview, Bieber became emotional when speaking about his desire to protect current superstar, 18-year-old Billie Eilish, from the stresses and strains of finding fame at such a tender age.

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