Justin Bieber shows off hairy changes and new tattoo on Instagram: Hailey Baldwin, fans and Twitter react

Justin Bieber flaunts his new mustache.
Justin Bieber flaunts his new mustache. Pic credit: ©

Justin Bieber has become known for his style changes, from his hair to his tattoos. Now the Biebs has shared his latest hair and ink on Instagram, and he even offered a response to fans on Instagram Stories.

Showing her support, Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber reacted positively. But the Biebs’ fans on Twitter weren’t as united in favoring the new ‘do. The new tattoo, however, didn’t come in for as much hate.

Justin Bieber sees your response to his new hair and doesn’t really care

Through the years, Justin has learned to honor his Beliebers while taking their comments about everything from his music to his tattoos, from the great to the gruesome, in stride.

Sometimes the overall consensus has been positive. Late last year, for example, Bieber went for a pastel pink hair tone. Fans went wild for the change, and it turned out to be the set-up for the Biebs to drop his new music video, “Yummy,” complete with pink hair.

This time around, Justin left his dark blonde hair alone and instead, decided to grow a mustache. And for those who like the Biebs when he sports a clean-shaven look, well, Bieber made it clear in his Instagram Stories that he doesn’t care.

The revelation of the singer’s new mustache took place on Thursday, when Justin posted the pic along with a taunt for those who disliked his new hair feature: “MY STASH MY LIFE DEAL WITH IT HAHA.”

Justin Bieber turns Twitter into a debate state over his mustache: ‘Get rid of it!’

Twitter fans of the clean-shaven, pink-haired Bieber in “Yummy” really, really, REALLY didn’t go for the mustache.
Instagram followers seemed to take it in stride, particularly when Justin shared a photo of his mustached face along with a serene-looking Hailey. His wife’s model-perfect style was a nice contrast with the Biebs’ casual cool.

But over on Twitter, a Justin Bieber mustache challenge soon evolved.

“Justin Bieber, get rid of the mustache: Challenge!” wrote one hate-that-hair Twitter user.

Another brought Hailey Bieber into the debate.

we know you don’t like it, get rid of the mustache while he is sleeping, @haileybieber,” urged another.

But famed blogger Perez Hilton disagreed.

“Whatever makes him happy,” tweeted Perez.

Justin Bieber gets new tattoo, nobody seems to care

In contrast to the mustache brouhaha, the Biebs’ new tattoo didn’t seem to generate much controversy or interest on Instagram or Twitter.

However, E News did attempt to analyze the new ink, which is in the symbol of a laurel wreath on Justin’s collarbone.

A laurel wreath’s symbol in Greek mythology translates to triumph. However, it also can be defined as showing the power of God and victory.

So far, Justin is playing it cool in commenting on what the tattoo (and the mustache) really mean. But for some glimpses of the man behind the music, the Biebs recently debuted his documentary, Justin Bieber, Seasons.

He’s performing at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards, dropping a new album featuring Yummy and going on a massive studio tour. As for how Bieber feels about it all?

“I believe that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and God has me right where he wants me,” asserted the Biebs.

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