JR Garage Viper crash: Christian recovering in hospital after serious collision

Jeff and Christian from JR Garage
Brothers Jeff and Christian (left) from JR Garage have hosted their YouTube video about cars for four years. Pic credit: JR Garage/ YouTube

The JR Garage Viper has been involved in a car collision, and it seems Christian is recovering in the emergency room of a hospital.

It appears as though his brother Jeff was either not involved or escaped any serious injury.

Rumors began circulating online last night that Jeff and/or Christian from JR Garage had been involved in a three-car accident in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It has now been confirmed that Christian is in the hospital and is recovering from a collision; the condition of Jeff or whether or not he was involved has not been confirmed.

The JR Garage Channel has more than 1.2 million subscribers and focuses on all things car-related including automotive reviews, road trips, car shows, vlogs, races, and more.

It was created by brothers Jeff and Christian in 2016 and they hit the big time after videos of Jeff driving his Viper and Ferrari to school went viral.

There were reports of a three-car collision in Scottsdale, Ariz., home of JR Garage, and when images circulated online that appeared to show the guys’ Viper had been involved, fans started to fear the worst. The report states that one person has died and three have been injured.

Some folks posted videos online where they debated whether or not JR Garage was involved in this Scottsdale crash.

It is currently unknown if the crash in question was the one involving JR Garage, but it has been confirmed that Christian was in a crash yesterday.

JR Garage confirmed that Christain is in the hospital

Confirmation came from JR Garage’s social media when they posted to their Instagram Story that Christian was in the ER. The account mostly features Jeff, so we can assume that he is doing the posting at the moment.

The post said that the younger brother had been in the “passenger seat” and that he was “alive and improving.” The post finished with “devastating day. Please keep everyone else involved in your thoughts and prayers as well.”

JR Garage confirms Christian was in an accident
Pic credit: JR Garage/Instagram

And a second post showed Christian lying in a hospital bed and hooked up to various medical devices. The caption read: “Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. Christian is stable and recovering.”

Christian is awake and gave the thumbs up

A third post, just a few hours ago, showed Christian awake and sitting up. He looked a bit bruised and battered, but he gave the camera a determined thumbs-up.

The pic was captioned: “Christian woke up to give you all 2 thumbs up. He is very thankful for everyone who reached out. All witnesses and first responders were shocked he was alive. Please keep everyone else involved in your prayers.”

Christian of JR Garage gives the thumbs up from hospital
Pic credit: JR Garage/ Instagram

It sounds as if it was a particularly nasty crash and that Christian is lucky to be alive. Fingers crossed that he makes a full recovery.

Some fans on Twitter jumped to conclusions and have assumed that Jeff died in the accident, with many tweeting “RIP” at the young motorist. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Jeff has perished, and it seems that Christian will make a recovery.

Earlier this year, boxer Travell Mazion was killed in a car crash in Austin, Texas, when the rising star of the Junior Middleweight Class was involved in a multi-car pile-up in July.

Meanwhile, in the same month, Outer Banks star Rudy Pankow became the subject of a death hoax when rumors began circulating that he was involved in a car crash; thankfully, the reports were fake.

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Angela v.
Angela v.
2 years ago

So we just don’t mention the fact that the passenger in the other car died as a result of this reckless racing on a city street in the middle of the day for entertainment purposes? That is just a “non-issue”? That’s deplorable.