JoJo Siwa’s ‘mullet daddy’ hair has fans comparing her to Billy Ray Cyrus and Joe Dirt

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa rocked a long mullet in her latest TikTok video. Pic credit: ©

From Joe Exotic to Billy Ray Cyrus and back — JoJo Siwa recently gave some signature mullet-rocking celebrities a run for their money with a new video of her rocking the hairstyle.

The 19-year-old megastar, who first rose to fame during her time on the hit reality series Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms, has been classified by her blonde locks throughout the duration of her rising career in the entertainment industry.

Through her early years in the limelight, Siwa was always seen sporting a slicked-back, tight side ponytail with her trademarked oversized bow. However, after appearing on Dancing With The Stars in 2021 and seemingly maturing into the next phase of her life, she chopped off the majority of her long, blonde locks earlier this year.

On Monday, the former child star took to TikTok to share what she would look like with long hair again — except this time, something was different than before.

Wearing a vest fully made up of gold tassels, Siwa first showed herself with her short hair swooped over to one side.

She then revealed the long, blonde extensions that were behind her shoulders to show herself rocking a hairstyle that directly resembled a mullet.

“It’s giving [cowboy hat emojis],” Siwa stated in the caption of the video.

The dancer also mouthed along to a popular TikTok sound that said, “What the f**k? Did you just call me mullet daddy? What the f**k?”

Fans compare JoJo Siwa’s mullet to Billy Ray Cyrus and Joe Dirt

It seemed inevitable that Siwa’s loyal fans would jump to her comments section to give their opinions on her new ‘do,’ with many comparing her to other celebs known to sport the rock-inspired hairstyle.

Some said Siwa was “entering her Billy Rae era [sic]” and compared her to the Achy Breaky Heart singer himself.

“Is this Jojo or is this Billy Ray Cyrus?!” One fan replied to her video.

Comments on JoJo Siwa's TikTok
Pic credit: @itsjojosiwa/TikTok

Other fans compared Siwa to Netflix’s Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic.

“It’s giving JoJo exotic,” one user wrote, while others chimed in with comments such as “i love u so much but its giving jojo exotic” and “Giving me tiger king vibes Lmao.”

Comments comparing JoJo Siwa to other celebrities
Pic credit: @itsjojosiwa/TikTok

Some even thought JoJo Siwa resembled Joe Dirt, the iconic mullet-wearing character from the movie of the same name played by actor David Spade.

Comment comparing JoJo to Joe Dirt
Pic credit: @itsjojosiwa/TikTok

JoJo Siwa surprised fans with her previous dramatic hair transformation

Back in April, the SYTYCD judge decided it was time for a change when it came to her image. After teasing her fans on social media with a few snapshots while sitting in a salon chair, she finally revealed the anticipated transformation.

Siwa unveiled her new short hairstyle, which was shaved on both sides with a bit more length left on the top. She showed off her new look in an Instagram photo with a caption that read, “HAPPPPPY.”

Since the cut’s debut, Siwa has been seen rocking her short hair in many different styles that include tight curls, loose waves, braids, and multiple ponytails.

And, well, mullets too.

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