Jinger Duggar slammed for selfie at the Holocaust museum

Jinger Duggar during a Counting On scene.
Jinger Duggar is being dragged after a Holocaust museum selfie. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar is living her best life and sharing all of her adventures with her followers. From a baseball game to hanging out around town, all of the fun is being shared as she enjoys her move to the west coast.

She is arguably the most rebellious Duggar of the bunch. Jinger Duggar has majorly stepped up her style, and with that, received mixed opinions. There is a lot to catch up on while living on the West Coast, especially after being born and raised in Arkansas.

Most of the time, there is a lot of thoughtfulness put into what Jinger Duggar shares on social media, but now, she is being slammed. While at the Holocaust museum, Jinger took a selfie with her headphones on as she was holding Felicity and listening to the information at the station she was at. It may seem harmless but some followers took offense.

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The selfie was dubbed “tasteless” by some Reddit commenters. Of course, it is unlikely that Jinger Duggar intentionally was trying to offend anyone. She has been pretty tame about her views and thoughts. It looks like this was a case of bad timing, and now, Jinger is being dragged for sharing the photo on her Instagram stories.

On top of the controversy Jinger Duggar unknowingly stirred up, she has been busy celebrating her daughter’s first birthday. Her social media has been filled with birthday moments and it looks like she is ignoring all of the outside noise. Jinger’s in-laws have been in town for Felicity’s birthday, which is likely why she was at the Holocaust museum again.

Despite all of the comments on Reddit about the lack of taste and the disrespect, Jinger Duggar has not commented about the selfie she took. Unless the backlash grows even more, she will likely ignore the situation and keep going. In another day or so, there will be another headline for Jinger to make anyway.

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