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Jinger Duggar has the highest net worth among the Duggar siblings

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar.
Jinger Duggar is worth the most out of her siblings. Pic credit: Instagram/jingervuolo

Jinger Duggar is one of the more popular Duggar siblings. She garnered a huge fan base while still airing on 19 Kids and Counting, and it grew by leaps and bounds when the sisters’ spin-off show was picked up by TLC.

For as long as fans can remember, Jinger Duggar has been appearing with her sisters on the family’s reality show. In the beginning, they were specials only but grew to a full-blown show with several seasons as the children grew up.

On top of the reality show, Jinger Duggar also co-authored books with her sisters. Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna were the older Duggar sisters and did a lot together.

Aside from Jana, they are all married with children right now. Jinger Duggar moved to Laredo, Texas following her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo and nothing has been the same since.

Currently, Jinger Duggar is living in California with her husband and toddler daughter. Their move was filmed for the upcoming season of Counting On, which means she is still receiving income from the network.

Jeremy Vuolo is a pastor and receives income, though the exact amount has never been discussed.

California isn’t cheap for living. Jinger Duggar’s current living quarters are quite fancy, with the rent being a couple of thousand dollars a month.

With all of that plus her style and diet upgrades since moving, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are spending a lot monthly.

As far as net worth goes, Jinger Duggar is estimated at $2 million. She is the wealthiest Duggar sibling, though that isn’t by her own doing.

Jeremy Vuolo played professional soccer before his call into ministry. That coupled with the money Jinger had from book deals, television shows, and anything else she did all adds up to a pretty penny.

It is also estimated that most of her other siblings have an estimated net worth of $400, 000.

John-David Duggar is worth closer to a million dollars, but he is also a pilot and has been working as well. Jinger Duggar has the highest estimated net worth among her siblings.

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