Jill Duggar shares photos of Grandma Mary Duggar’s memorial service

Grandma Mary Duggar on Counting On.
Grandma Mary Duggar was laid to rest yesterday. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family said their goodbyes to Grandma Mary Duggar yesterday after she tragically passed away on June 9.

It has been a trying week for the family while dealing with the matriarch being gone. At first, details surrounding Grandma Mary Duggar’s death weren’t clear and it was thought that she may have suffered a stroke.

However, her cause of death was later officially ruled an accidental drowning. It’s thought she slipped into her pool before her daughter Deanna found her and made a 911 call that later went public.

Today, Jill Duggar shared photos from the service for Grandma Mary Duggar on her Instagram. It looked like the entire family there to pay tribute, with Jill posting a message alongside the photos in celebration of her grandmother’s life.

It has been reported that TLC was filming during the memorial service, but that the cameras were turned off when Josh Duggar spoke. The network cut ties with him following the cheating scandal in 2015.

Counting On is expected to return sometime this fall and will likely include some of the footage taken at Grandma Mary Duggar’s service.

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