Jessica Simpson roasted for letting nearly four-year-old daughter use a pacifier

Jessica Simpson attends a Teen Vogue event.
Jessica Simpson shared some snaps from a recent Aspen trip and got slammed by fans for letting her daughter use a pacifier. Pic credit: ©

Jessica Simpson just can’t seem to catch a break lately.

The blonde sensation, who owns the Jessica Simpson Collection, hopped onto her social media site for the first time in a week to give fans a glimpse at what looked to be a fun-filled family vacation in Aspen but fans were quick to call her out.

Posting a host of new snaps, including a series in which the star showed off her vixen ski vibes in a red snowsuit and red lipstick, Jessica also let followers in on some of the behind-the-scenes action and fans were quick to lash out about one particular snap.

The multi-snap series started with an adorable shot of her youngest child, daughter Birdie who will turn four in March, standing on a ski slope clad in a leopard print snowsuit. Jessica captured the negative attention of fans with her second shot.

Seen sitting in the seat of what was undoubtedly the family’s private jet, Birdie wore kid-sized headphones over her ears while Jessica leaned close for a sweet selfie as her youngest curled her lips into a smile around the edges of a pacifier, which she held gripped in her mouth.

Per usual, followers did not let the opportunity to scold Jessica pass them by, with many fans calling her out for allowing her nearly four-year-old to still suck on the object.

Jessica Simpson gets called out for letting her daughter use a pacifier

“Why does she still have a chupie? (Pacifier),” questioned one person, adding that it seemed to them that it would have been an easy thing to take away at the same time as weaning off bottles.

A fan calls out Jessica Simpson for letting her daughter use a pacifier.
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

“Ok I am going to be that person…woman take that Pacifier out of your child’s mouth…she is way [too] old for that,” added another unhappy follower.

A Jessica Simpson followers scolds her for letting her daughter use a pacifier.
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Still more people came running to admonish the star for not taking away the placating device sooner, with fans giving facepalm emojis and generally telling Jessica she needs to get rid of the pacifier fast.

More fans lash out at Jessica Simpson for letting her youngest use a pacifier.
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

This is not the first time Jessica has received major backlash either about her parenting choices or her appearance, with the star having recently garnered backlash about her speech and facial features after posting a video tour of Birdie’s bedroom.

Jessica Simpson gets backlash for appearance and speech

In early November, Jessica shared what she assumedly thought would be just a fun video tour of her littlest child’s bedroom.

Speaking directly to the camera while touting Pottery Barn Kids, Jessica showed followers the styles she had chosen for Birdie’s sleeping area but instead of getting praise for the bedroom vibes, Jessica came under fire for her look and way of talking.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, fans accused Jessica of looking too slim as they critiqued her slender waistline and overall figure.

Other people criticized the singer for what they deemed to be a slightly slurred way of speaking, with many pondering if the star was “on drugs.”‘

In July, Jessica shared choice snaps from a family trip to Tahoe, during which the artist rocked a bed bikini while out on the lake with her kids and husband.

Although the I Think I’m In Love singer looked sensational in her two-piece, some fans were less than thrilled about her attire and overall appearance as they took the chance to throw her under the bus again.

“Do they have burgers there?” questioned one person, seemingly in regard to Jessica’s drastic weight loss.

Others also commented on her weight loss, telling Jessica she looked thin and sickly, while more slammed her lips, claiming she looked like she had work done or had been photoshopped.

Despite the continued hate she often receives, Jessica hasn’t seemed to let the negativity slow her down as she keeps up with her regular online updates.

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