Jessica Biel throws it back to 1999 while sharing update on her Cruel Summer show

Jessica Biel attends the Emmy awards.
Jessica’s throwing it back to promote her latest project. Pic credit: © SadouAdMedia

When it comes to rocking the internet with incredible throwbacks, few do it better than Jessica Biel.

The 41-year-old brunette beauty, who has been gracing television and movie screens everywhere since she was a young teenager, recently gave fans a thrill when she reminded them of some of the styles that were once popular in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Starting off with a stunning snap of herself attending a public event, a then-17-year-old Jessica sported sleek, shoulder-length hair and flashed her famously-gorgeous smile.

The actress wore a spaghetti-strap tank top in a sunset-to-pink ombre hue with a V-neck collar, a style that was very representative of the year 1999, which was time-stamped in the corner of the photo for extra proof.

A twisted, plastic hair tie adorned her wrist while a chunky watch rested on her other wrist.

Sticking with the same year for her next snap, Jessica threw it back to the last day in the 90s with a peppy shot of herself donning a knitted beanie on her head and a black leather jacket with a black shirt on her upper half.

Jessica Biel throws it back while celebrating the upcoming release of Cruel Summer Season 2

Moving onto June of 2000, Jessica showed off grown-out hair that was pulled half-up in a ponytail while rocking another spaghetti strap tank, this time in a forest-green color and with a halter-style tie behind her neck.

The final shot in her four-part series was a short video clip that showed a girl’s hands typing on an old-school computer keypad while the screen displayed a rectangular inner screen that read Burning as small bars showed that it was loading up.

In the end, a CD disc popped out with the writing Cruel Summer June 5 scrawled on top in the fashion that most millennials would be well-familiar with.

“I hear all of these outfits are cool again. Love that for me because I was worried they were questionable the first time. More halter tops coming to a screen near you June 5… [Cruel Summer] S2 is dropping June 5!!!!” she captioned the fun post while tagging the TV series she executive produces.

Jessica Biel talks about moving behind the cameras to produce Cruel Summer

Speaking with Forbes magazine two years ago, Jessica opened up about stepping away from acting to tackle her first big production role with the mystery teen series.

Season 1 of Cruel Summer follows two young girls who become forever connected when popular Kate goes missing, and nerdy Jeanette becomes the primary suspect in her nemesis’s disappearance.

Produced via Jessica’s own production company Iron Ocean Productions, Cruel Summer was not a stretch for Jessica to pull together, given her own history as a 90s teenager.

“The history that I have in terms of being on a big show in the ’90s, and really growing up on to television in some way and the experience of doing The Sinner, gave us a lot of knowledge coming into this,” she explained, referencing her production partner Michelle Purple.

“All of those experiences that I’ve had have culminated in this moment [for me] to step behind the cameras and really be a support system and a support team and really be much more part of the development and then, kind of, hand it off to these very capable young women [who are starring in the series].”

Jessica shared that she related to both of the young actresses, Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia, given her own times on the hit show 7th Heaven when she was 14.

The actress said that she related to the young stars because Cruel Summer is the kind of show she herself would have loved to be a part of when she was a teenager.

“I would have loved to play one of these characters. To see a younger generation and really give them this platform to really talk about some intense, hard things that young people are going through is really exciting for me,” she said.

Cruel Summer Season 2 will focus on new stories and new characters with the timeline surrounding Y2K.

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