Jessica Biel shares ‘easiest’ workout in gray leggings

Jessica Biel red carpet
Jessica Biel gets a workout. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Jessica Biel put on fitted leggings for a workout in a new video. 

The stunning actress stays in great shape by eating healthy and keeping active.

In a new Instagram video, she showed her followers how she keeps fit. 

Jessica had her hair in a bun and wore a green hoody and white top for the gym session. 

She wore grey leggings and white trainers while performing weighted lunges with a dumbbell. 

In the IG caption, she promoted her trainer Ben Bruno’s new 6-week program. “In the gym with @benbrunotraining… and some other guy who won’t stop distracting me!! 😅” she wrote. 

Jessica continued, “Anyway. Ben just launched the coolest / easiest new program to help people get back on track in 2023 – eating healthier, getting stronger – it’s so thorough… cannot recommend it enough. 🥇.”

She recently celebrated her husband Justin Timberlake’s birthday with a sweet message.  

Jessica Biel revealed her secret to good digestive health 

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Jessica Biel opened up about her dietary choices. 

Jessica told the outlet that she avoided gluten, wheat, or dairy for better digestion and said she feels more energetic when she eliminates these foods. 

The 40-year-old actress said she tries to eat healthily but still enjoys cheat days with foods such as pizza and cookies. 

She includes more protein in her diet when she exercises to help build and maintain muscle. 

Jessica said Timberlake eats healthy, and she encourages her children to follow the same diet. 

She also described what a day of eating is like for her family. Their household starts the day with Paleo pancakes containing a lot of coconuts for breakfast. 

They don’t go with the traditional golden syrup and opt for cashew or almond butter with local honey.

The couple also has chicken-apple sausage with fresh juice and green tea with honey to complete the breakfast.

She picks vegetables from her garden for a salad with quinoa or veggie burgers garnished with nuts for lunch. 

Jessica has gluten-free pretzels with almond cheese dip for a healthy snack to replicate a gluten-free version of cream cheese. 

Their family has salmon, rice, and vegetables for dinner, or they go out for grilled chicken. 

Jessica Biel sips KinderFarms electrolyte drink

Jessica Biel co-founded the brand KinderFarms, which aims to produce healthy products free of additives and toxins. 

In the caption of the Instagram video, the brand makes a pitch. 

“From the ingredients to the flavors, it really don’t get better than this 😉 #ChooseKinder.”

In a video, she advertises one of the electrolyte drinks, which contains immune-boosting zinc, refreshing flavor, and clean ingredients. 

Jessica pours herself a Kinderlyte electrolyte drink into an ice-filled glass in the promo. 

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