Jesse Plemons opens up about first year of marriage to Kirsten Dunst

Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst.
Jesse Plemons talks about marriage with Kirsten Dunst. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Actor Jesse Plemons and his wife Kirsten Dunst are celebrating a monumental milestone in their relationship.

The couple, who began dating back in 2016, are set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this summer, and according to the actor, the pair is in a good place.

Plemons and Dunst met on the set of Fargo and started dating shortly after.

Following a year of dating, the pair got engaged in 2017. However, instead of heading straight down the aisle to the altar to officially tie the knot, Plemons and Dunst took a detour to welcome their children first.

Dunst gave birth to their first son, Ennis, in May 2018 before welcoming another son, James, in May 2021.

While parenthood kept them on their toes, Plemons and Dunst did ultimately take the plunge and exchanged vows in Jamaica in 2022.

Jesse Plemons talks about marriage with his wife, Kirsten Dunst

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight while walking the red carpet of his new show, Love and Death, Plemons took a moment to reflect on his first year of marriage to Dunst.

“Well, it’s funny. I wasn’t sure how different [marriage] was gonna feel because we’ve been together for a while, and two kids later, it’s pretty solid, you know?” he told the outlet. “But there was something really nice about [a wedding] and actually setting aside time to celebrate it, and it does feel different, in a good way.”

Although Plemons and Dunst have a “solid” family of four and are busy in both of their careers, Plemons added that there are other aspects of his spouse that he greatly appreciates.

Plemons gushed that their initial connection was more of a “creative” one and that they bonded as friends. However, he quickly noticed other qualities that made her stand out.

“I just enjoy her instincts and her opinions so much,” he shared. “She has such great taste, and [she’s] very honest, which I appreciate.”

Jesse Plemons new show, Love and Death, co-stars Elizabeth Olsen and an American Horror Story alum

Plemons’ new show, set to air on HBO Max this week, features other famous faces helping bring the story to life.

Based on the book, Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs and a collection of articles, Plemons stars alongside Elizabeth Olsen and AHS star Lily Rabe.

The story delves into the murder of Betty Gore (Rabe) committed by Texas housewife Candy Montgomery (Olsen.)

Plemons plays Allan Gore, Betty’s husband, and the role required him to undergo a serious hair transformation.

“The hair was something that took us a while to find,” he told the outlet. Ultimately, what viewers will see on screen is a hairstyle that Plemons’ mom said she saw in “80% of the guys in my [1977] yearbook.”

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