Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist shares pics of the Marry Me star sporting the perfect ‘bedhead’

Jennifer Lopez from her Marry Me video
Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist Dimitris posted a photo of the star from her latest Marry Me video. Pic credit: @Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

Jennifer Lopez has become a well-recognized beauty icon throughout the years – even while rolling around in bed.

A photo of the singer, actor, dancer, and rocker of “perfect bedhead” was posted to celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos’ Instagram feed on Wednesday to show off her free-flowing locks.

The photo of Lopez came from for her official Marry Me (Ballad) video

The hairstylist posted a snapshot of JLo wrapped up in white bedsheets, looking sultry into the camera in a black lace bra top. The still shot of the actress comes from a moment in the Marry Me (Ballad Version) official music video that was released last week.

The photo featured her golden-brown, slightly waved hair that showed the perfect mix of “messy” and “styled.”

“JENNIFER LOPEZ ? ? ? New video for ballad #marryme movie out now,” the stylist wrote in the caption.

Dimitri also wrote that he was assisted by both The Wall Group and Lily Zhi in styling Lopez’s hair for the video.

Details on Lopez’s latest Marry Me video release

The “bedhead” photo came from a quick part in the music video Lopez recently debuted for the ballad version of her and Maluma’s duet from their movie, Marry Me.

Both the original bop and ballad version are featured in Lopez’s movie that came out this February.

In the hit rom-com, which was a top box office contender this Valentine’s Day, the ballad is sung between Lopez’s character, Kat, and Maluma’s character, Bastian. The song comes after the news of Kat being nominated for a Grammy, and the two go on to sing the new slowed-down version of the upbeat song at Madison Square Garden together.

Jennifer Lopez released the official music video for the ballad version of Marry Me to her YouTube channel, which features behind-the-scenes clips of the stars filming the movie.

Watch the video below:

Fans think video could be an ode to Ben Affleck

Along with backstage clips from the movie, the video also shows Lopez rolling around in bed with a man — who fans have presumed to be or represent Lopez’s current boyfriend, Ben Affleck. The two have rekindled their romance after nearly twenty years and many think the Marry Me video showcases Lopez’s second shot at love.

“You are so in love with Ben and it shows,” one commenter wrote. “I wish you guys all the love and happiness in the world. We love you guys. You guys are soulmates. Here’s to [a] second chance at love.”

Comment on the Marry Me video
Pic credit: @Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

Another YouTube user commented on the video, “So cute. Happy that Ben & Jen have each other. Must be such a relief for both of them (phew) because they are obviously meant to me.”

Comment on the Marry Me video
Pic credit: @Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

Other songs from the movie’s soundtrack include Pa Ti, Church, 1 en 1 Millión, After Love, Segundo, On My Way, and Nobody’s Watching. The songs are currently available on audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Other videos for the movie’s songs, including the official video for the emotional track On My Way, can also be found on JLo’s official YouTube channel.

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