Watch Jennifer Lopez perform Marry Me with Maluma while wearing bikini top and cropped blazer

Jennifer Lopez in a pink dress on the red carpet
Jennifer Lopez and Maluma debuted their original song from the new movie Marry Me. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez and Colombian singer Maluma performed their song Marry Me on The Tonight Show on Saturday.

The performance was the first time the two have sung the duet live for the first time.

JLo appeared both as the episode’s guest and the musical performer alongside Maluma. The two stunned in outfits that included him in a light green, satin suit and her in a white cropped jacket and low-cut skirt.

The two sang the title track for Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, Marry Me

Don’t be surprised if you hear the song frequenting radio stations in the future – such as Just Look Up from the movie Don’t Look Up and We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto have done in recent months. Marry Me’s catchy melody already has fans excited to download the track and hear more music from the movie.

Not to mention, the undeniable singing chemistry between Lopez and Maluma.

Marry Me, which hits theaters and Peacock on February 11th, stars Lopez as pop icon and singer Kat Valdez. Alongside Lopez is Columbian artist Maluma, who plays the other half of the celebrity power couple in the movie. It is revealed right before the two are about to exchange wedding vows on stage that his character, Bastian, has been unfaithful to Valdez.

Marry Me is one of the many songs on the album, which has been released by Sony Latin Music and Arista Records. The soundtrack includes the previously released tracks Pa Ti and On My Way (Marry Me) – a remix by the musical group TELYKast.

The movie soundtrack also includes two ballads – one by Malumo titled Segundo and a reprise of the title track that includes a mixture of both English and Spanish lyrics.

Jennifer herself described the album as strictly belonging to the movie’s leads, Kat and Bastian. She said in her interview on The Tonight Show that it’s neither a JLo nor Maluma album and that the songs were specifically picked for their characters. She also described the soundtrack as one that takes listeners on the musical journey of what it’s like to find true love.

JLo talks about singing in the movie on The Tonight Show

In a part of Jennifer’s interview as Jimmy Fallon‘s guest, she explained how Marry Me is the first movie that she actually got the opportunity to sing in. “It is like joining my two worlds together,” she said.

Jennifer Lopez also went on to explain the connection and similarities she had to her character, Kat.

“I also got to play a character who was a lot like myself. She’s in the spotlight – personal life, public life – trying to make it all work,” she said. “You know, failing miserably at times.”

Though, after that performance with Maluma on The Tonight Show, a “miserable fail” is the last thing fans are explaining it as.

If you’re looking for some new music to listen to this week, be sure to add the new Marry Me soundtrack to your list – which can now be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

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