Jennifer Lopez, Shakira 2020 Super Bowl halftime show backlash brews on Twitter: ‘Too many crotch shots’

Jennifer Lopez faces Twitter heat from Super Bowl halftime show.
Jennifer Lopez faces Twitter heat from Super Bowl halftime show ‘crotch shots.’ Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira turned the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show into an opportunity to strut their girl power stuff. From swinging on a stripper pole to doing a shimmy worthy of a Superwoman, J.Lo and Shakira proved that age is meaningless when you’re in fabulous shape.

But not everyone was a fan of the ladies’ moves, with Twitter continuing to stage a debate more interesting than the Democrats over whether the Super Bowl halftime show offered, in the words of one indignant Twitter commentator: “Too many crotch shots and rear ends.”

Jennifer Lopez, 50, takes Twitter heat: ‘No more crotch shots!’

On the positive side, Jennifer proved that 50 just might be the new 30 (well, at least if you’re J.Lo). From that stripper pole to those splits, Lopez showed that she’s in just as good as shape as in her early Jenny from the block days.

And in the words of her song, while she “Used to have a little, now I have a lot,” Jennifer hasn’t changed when it comes to her flexibility and strength.

But for some who were viewing J.Lo’s performance, those same qualities could have been exhibited in a more, well, refined way. At least that’s what many on Twitter opined.

Do you just not wear clothes anymore? No more crotch shots please!” pleaded a user named Crystal.  “My kids, and probably your kids are watching! How old are you anyway? @JLo #classless #SuperBowl”

Note to J.Lo: You might want to ask Justin Bieber for his master class in managing Twitter shade, such as he recently experienced over his new mustache.

Shakira, 43, comes in for her share of Twitter shade: ‘What the hell [with] rear end shots’

It wasn’t just Jennifer who felt the heat from Twitter over the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show.

Shakira also got named as a culprit in the discussion about whether the women had shown too much skin during the Super Bowl halftime show.

“I am embarrassed for my kids to watch this halftime show… what the hell. Stripper poles, crotch, and rear end shots…. no dignity….shame on you Jennifer Lopez & Shakira,” wrote a user named Kevin.

Parents seemed to be the most perturbed on Twitter, fueling the brouhaha over body parts. One user named Stacey wrote that she had begun watching with her 8-year-old daughter hoping for a “show of strength and girl power. I quickly saw that it was just a bunch of burlesque stripper routines and turned it off.”

And Stacey got a consensus from Mary Elsa, who agreed, tweeting that “JLo is so beautiful but the most vulgar halftime show. As I was sitting at party, and picture 50 people, moms, dads, lots of little kids running around. Had to come up with our own entertainment as not fans of crotch shots and stripper poles. Low class.”

Jennifer Lopez, Shakira defended: ‘A Latin Party at its finest’

However, there were those who rushed to defend Jennifer and Shakira. The Washington Post declared the two not inappropriate but instead described their performance as a “Latin Party at its finest.”

Despite that defense, the Twitter debate raged on, with some reiterating the term “inappropriate” to describe J.Lo and Shakira’s moves and outfits and others fighting back with describing the two as “incredible.”

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