Jennette McCurdy notably absent from iCarly reboot announcement

Jenette McCurdy on the red carpet
Jennette McCurdy is not returning as Sam Puckett for the reboot of iCarly. Pic credit: ©

It was announced yesterday that a reboot of teen sitcom iCarly would shortly be hitting our screens. However, it will be missing former main cast member Jennette McCurdy.

The sitcom iCarly initially ran on Nickelodeon for six seasons from 2007 until 2012. The show featured a group of teens as they created and broadcast their own web show from Carly Shay’s apartment in Seattle.

The three main characters were Carly herself, played by Miranda Cosgrove, and Sam Puckett, played by Jeanette McCurdy, and Freddie Benson, their tech-savvy producer of iCarly played by Nathan Cress.

Fans of the show were super excited to hear about the reboot, which was announced on Wednesday (Dec. 9), and we can expect new episodes of the show to appear at the start of next year on streaming service Paramount+.

But there was one issue, one glaring problem with the announcement; where’s Jennette McCurdy?

As already mentioned, McCurdy was one of the main actors on the show, as Sam Puckett, she was Carly’s best friend and iCarly co-host, and she was an integral part of all six seasons.

McCurdy reprised the role of Sam Puckett in 2013 when she starred alongside Ariana Grande in the spin-off sitcom Sam and Cat.

The show was a mash-up of iCarly and Victorious, with Ariana reprising her role of Cat from the latter show. It lasted for just 35 episodes.

Why is Jennette  McCurdy not returning as Sam Puckett?

Unfortunately, it seems as though McCurdy has decided enough is enough for Sam Puckett and has decided to concentrate on a second season of her podcast, Empty Inside.

Shortly after the reboot announcement, McCurdy took to her Instagram story to thank everyone who helped out with the first season of the podcast. She then added an “extra special thank you” to her listeners and promised that season 2 was “coming soon.”

Jennette McCurdy's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jennettemccurdy/Instagram

It’s currently unknown if McCurdy will make any cameos or guest appearances on iCarly 2 or if she might considering returning for a later season.

We will have to wait and see how the show’s writers manage to explain her absence.

Fans disappointed to hear Jenette McCurdy wouldn’t be returning

Some fans questioned how it was even possible to have an iCarly without Puckett, and many took to Twitter to register their disgust.


Fan argues you can't have ICarly without McCurdy
Pic credit: @youtube09145423/Twitter

One fan took to Twitter to write: “You mean to tell me they’re trying to make an iCarly reboot with no Jennette McCurdy? Sam Puckett? Who brought us the butter sock??? Lover of forks?? And fat cakes??? No thanks you can keep it.”

Fan says no thanks to an iCarly without McCurdy
Pic credit: @SAPPHICBOOTS/Twitter

Some fans seemed very upset.

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iCarly is due to start streaming in 2021 on Paramount+

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