Jelly Roll completes 5K after revealing he ‘couldn’t walk a mile’ earlier this year

Jelly Roll appeared on American Idol earlier this season
Jelly Roll completed his first 5k. Pic credit: ABC

Jelly Roll (real name Jason DeFord) is pumped up after accomplishing his goal.

It’s no secret that the country music superstar has faced scrutiny for his appearance. For years, Jelly Roll has fielded unkind remarks about his heavily tattooed body and weight.

Being thrust into the spotlight over the last few years hasn’t helped. However, he decided to get up and do something about it, leading to him completing his first 5K earlier this week.

After sharing that he lost 70-something pounds recently, Jelly Roll also revealed his plans to do a 5K. He did just that earlier this week, and the moment was special for the Need A Favor singer.

Comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer hosted the event as part of the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival. The duo hosted the 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast and participated alongside Jelly Roll.

While Jelly Roll completed the event, it wasn’t an easy feat.

Jelly Roll reveals he couldn’t ‘walk a mile’ in January 2024

After completing the 5K, Jelly Roll caught up with Entertainment Tonight and talked about his journey to get to the event and how he felt following the completion.

A shocking reveal came when he said, “I couldn’t walk a mile when I started trying to do this back in January. So the fact that we got 3-point-whatever it was, got it down, I felt really, really good about it.”

Jelly Roll couldn’t help but get emotional when he finished the 5k. His health journey has been something he started working on, and it weighed heavily on him. Four months ago, he couldn’t walk even one-third of what he could this week. The progress in a short amount of time has been incredible.

He admitted it was harder than he thought it would be. A bit of tiredness came along with it, but that won’t deter the Save Me singer.

According to the man, the next step is a half-marathon next year.

Could Jelly Roll have a new gig lined up?

After Katy Perry opened up about who should replace her on American Idol after she leaves, Jelly Roll has been the talk of the town.

He recently opened up about whether he would consider taking the judge spot on the hit ABC show after stepping in as a mentor this season.

There is interest there, as Jelly Roll joked that he had already accepted the job despite it not being offered to him.

Time will tell if Jelly Roll will jump into television while working on a new album. He’s moving forward and not looking back.

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