Jeffree Star finally tells the truth about rumors he has been secretly dating Kanye West

Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel and Kanye West on the red carpet
Jeffree Star and Kanye West will not be 2021’s hottest celebrity couple. Pic credit: JeffreeStar/YouTube and ©

After spending a couple of days teasing fans about a possible secret affair with legendary rapper Kanye West, Jeffree Star has finally and seriously addressed the matter.

Star has shot down everybody’s romantic theories of a wintry Wyoming affair by firmly stating he only likes “very tall men.”

The rumor has been flying around the internet since Wednesday that the 35-year-old cosmetic beauty guru and the 43-year-old rapper have been seeing each other clandestinely while they both hang out in the serene and wild lands of Wyoming.

It was started on TikTok by Ava Louise; Star later referred to it as “a lie on TikTok,” and it has since spread far and wide through social media.

The claims only came about after it emerged earlier this week that Kanye and Kim Kardashian are close to divorcing.

The rumor was even taken up by TV host Wendy Williams, who spoke about it on her show and was subsequently accused of trying to out Kanye.

Star managed to fuel the flames himself when he posted a pic of himself to Instagram with the caption: “I’m ready for Sunday service,” which was a reference to Kanye’s well known religious services that he hosts regularly at his Wyoming ranch.


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Jeffree Star says he’s not dating Kayne West

But sadly for fans of salacious scandal, Jeffree Star and Kanye West are not secretly dating.

Jeffree posted a video to his YouTube channel on Thursday and left us in no doubt that he is indeed single.  Star talked about how “crazy” it’s been to see his name connected with Kayne, and he said he’d had loads of media folks contacting him about the claims.

For the avoidance of any doubt, Jeffree said, “I’m single. I’m not dating anyone.”

He continued by saying, “Let me just say this for any news outlet. I like very tall men… me and Kanye have never hung out, and this thing is all really funny.”

Star has been the subject of much gossip online and a ton of memes in the last couple of days, to which his response was, “Y’all have too much time on your hands.”

He also explained his reasons for living in Wyoming, which he claimed is not because of a desire to be close to Kanye but because he loves the peace and quiet and his view of the mountains. His proximity to Kanye is not down to any sexual desires but merely a coincidence.

While neither Kanye nor Kim have said anything about the claims, E! News reported that a source close to the couple said there was absolutely no truth in the rumors.

Jeffree Star slammed Kanye West rumors on Twitter

On Twitter, Star also addressed some of the memes circulating through a series of quote tweets he posted. “Y’all need to sit down!!!” he said in one tweet.

He also addressed Wendy Williams’s comments by suggesting that the TV host would never know which rappers he’d actually had relations with because he would take that “secret to the grave.”

As Star said in his video, it’s been a bit of a crazy year for him; as well as moving to Wyoming, he also had to deal with a public break-up with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt after years together as well as the scandal with another boyfriend and ex-basketball player Andre Marhold, whom Jeffree accused of stealing from him.

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