Jason Momoa shares this important advice with his kids

Jason Momoa smiling up close
Jason Momoa is sharing parenting advice. Pic credit: ©

Jason Momoa knows a thing or two about parenting — he has two children with his ex Lisa Bonet.

The 43-year-old graced the cover of Men’s Health magazine this month for a fabulous photoshoot and fascinating interview.

In the interview, Jason discussed working out, a subject he knows a lot about.

Additionally, Jason talked about parenting, another area in which he is well-versed.

The movie star reflected upon the changes that have occurred in his life, stopping short from discussing the separation from his longtime love.

Jason was the perfect cover star for the May/June edition of Men’s Health, showing his softer side and revealing previously unheard information.

Jason Momoa talks parenting advice in Men’s Health

As the father of Nakoa-Wolf, 14, and Lola Iolani, 15, Jason has unique insight into parenting teenagers.

The actor isn’t afraid to communicate with his children, and his words are nothing short of inspirational.

Jason told Men’s Health that he spoke with his kids twice a day.

As for specifics, Jason revealed the words of wisdom he imparted to his children.

Jason revealed, “There’s nothing worth doing if it’s not gonna be hard and it’s not gonna be a struggle. It’s okay to fall. You fall, you get back up and do it again.”

According to Jason, his children have struggled with striving for perfection.

He continued, “They wanna be perfect and they’re afraid; they think if you fall, it’s bad. But I’m like, ‘No, falling is great, man. Falling is great ’cause you’re gonna succeed if you keep doing it.’”

The overarching theme of Jason’s message to his kids was resilience and perseverance.

Jason set a boundary in the interview, declining to talk about his personal life. He had a long relationship with Lisa Bonet, and the breakup was understandably devastating for all parties involved.

Jason Momoa’s relationship with Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s relationship was widely admired and cherished by fans.

The two found love in 2005, enjoying 16 illustrious years together and five years as a married couple.

However, in January 2022, the lovers announced their breakup.

The couple, known for their loving and supportive dynamic, had been together for over a decade and shared two children. 

The announcement of their separation came as a shock to many, as they had always appeared inseparable and deeply committed to each other.

While details surrounding the breakup have remained private, it’s apparent that Jason and Lisa have chosen to prioritize their family as they continue to co-parent their children. 

And based on Jason’s recent interview, he has some good advice as a doting father.

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