Jason Momoa dances along to Dua Lipa with Slumberland co-stars

Jason posing
Jason Momoa showed off his impressive dance moves with his daughter. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Jason Momoa proved he has no trouble busting a move and keeping up with his 15-year-old daughter’s dance routines.

The Hollywood hunk was snapped grooving along to Dua Lipa’s hit Don’t Start Now – and his dance moves did not disappoint.

In the footage, Jason’s daughter Lola Iolani Momoa can be seen teaching her superstar dad and his Slumberland co-star Marlow Barkley her choreographed dance.

Jason’s new Netflix fantasy film follows an eccentric outlaw named Flip who helps a young child (played by Marlow) visit her dead father by traveling through dreams.

The actor shared videos on Instagram this week of some behind-the-scenes footage from Slumberland, including his dance practice sessions.

In the first video, Lola took the lead on choreography while Jason and Marlow sang to the British star’s song and followed along with the 15-year-old’s dance moves.

Jason Momoa shows off his dance moves

While busting a move, the pair were still decked out in full costume attire for their scenes — and still had their harnesses on, while they danced on what looked like the back of a garbage truck.

In the next video, the trio are seen dancing outside as Jason’s 13-year-old son Nakia-Wolf stands to the side, holding a phone that played the music.

Jason had no problem keeping up with the others, perfecting each dance move and humming along flawlessly.

He also posted a snap of himself and Marlow dancing between two trailers on set, as well as a few shots with the cast and crew.

The 43-year-old thanked everyone that was a part of the movie in the caption, as well as the girls for teaching him how to dance.

Jason Momoa’s daughter influenced a scene in the movie

While Jason usually keeps his kids out of the spotlight, both Lola and Nakia-Wolf attended the Slumberland premiere earlier this week.

Speaking to E! News, Lola revealed that she joined her dad on set for more than one occasion while filming the Netflix movie.

She also explained that she directly influenced a scene in the movie too.

“We were there for most of the time. It was incredible,” she said.

“Me and my friends choreographed a dance routine to ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa and my dad loved the dance so he put it in the movie,” Lola added.

When asked what he is most thankful for, Jason shared, “My babies and my family are the most important thing.

“We always go on adventures, so we go on road trips. We go wild and go camping around the world,” he said.

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