Jack Martin: Meet the colorist behind Sharon Osbourne’s new look

A side-by-side photo where the old hair color is juxtaposed with the new
The Talk had the perfect side by side shot of Sharon Osbourne’s new hair color thanks to Jack Martin. Pic credit: CBS.

Have you seen Mrs. O lately?

The rock and roll momager who became famous back in one of the first family-centric reality TV series, The Osbournes, has since parlayed her music managing career into an enviable empire on the small screen thanks to her wit, and her ability to connect with audiences.

Her signature look? Cherry red hair cut to a perfect modern asymmetrical layered bob. But her hair as we found out this week on her chat show The Talk is red no more.

Sharon Osbourne has given up the demanding hair dying schedule to maintain that vivid red and let her hair become silver, closer to her own natural gray hair color, and less demanding in upkeep that keeping it that vivid deeper color.

The man responsible? None other than stylist Jack Martin.

Who is Jack Martin?

Stylist Jack Martin is the gray hair whisperer, who has amassed a huge Instagram following.

Based in Tustin, California, his social media reveals hundreds of happy clients who have come to him to get off the hair color train and go naturally silver and variant shades of dark and light gray.

His ability to coax dimension in the shades of gray hair is blowing people away based on his before and after photo galleries.

Especially on the visual platform of Instagram, we find hair color transformations that are so well done with thousands of positive comments and reactions to the dramatic reversal of hair color and overall look:

According to his Instagram, Jack was trained in Paris to do hair color. Jack is the man who gave Jane Fonda her eye-popping, new fabulous look for her recent Oscar award ceremony presentation look, and she was stunning:

Martin, whose Instagram handle is @jackmartincolorist, has a following of more than 100,000, and he is a colorist and salon owner based out of Tustin, California.

His claim to fame and core body of work is to get famous (and not so famous) clients like Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne ready to love, embrace and blend their gray hair, so it looks amazing and natural, not yellow, brittle and dry.

His entire social media feed is devoted to helping his clients go gray gracefully. The before and afters are incredible to see:


How to get Mrs. O’s hair color look:

According to Martin and the experts in an interview with modernsalon.com, here is the best path to successful and safe for your hair silver transition:

1. Lift the hair to beyond yellow.
2. Pre-tone hair to cancel the yellow prior to applying the silver dye.
3. Apply silver dye on shampooed, dry hair for better deposit.
4. Add Olaplex to your silver dye, Olaplex helps to prevent fading.
5. Leave the color on the hair for at least 40 minutes covered with a head cap.
6. Shampoo hair lightly with cold water.

1. Don’t shampoo hair for 1 week after color service.
2. Don’t use thermal tools for 1 week after salon visit.
3. Shampoo with cold water once a week only, shampoo only roots.
4. Use dry shampoo to skip washing hair.
5. Mask hair once a week to moisturize and rebuild bleached hair.
6. Avoid using thermal tools but if you have to, set temperature to no more than 300F to 350F.
7. Use a heat protectant spray prior to heat styling
8. Use purple color deposit shampoo if you see any yellow tone in your hair, and use silver color deposit shampoo when you feel the silver starts fading.
9. Redo silver toning at the salon every 4 to 5 weeks.
10. Use Olaplex number 3 to rebuild hair.

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