The Talk: Sharon Osbourne’s new silver fox hair has Ozzy seeing “The Devil”

A side-by-side photo where the old hair color is juxtaposed with the new
The Talk had the perfect side by side shot of Sharon Osbourne’s new hair color thanks to Jack Martin. Pic credit: CBS.

Making a big change in hair color is a huge deal, especially when you are in the public eye where fans and the public associate you with your hair color. So it goes for CBS chat show host Sharon Osbourne, whose new silver locks had her man Ozzy Osbourne exclaim: “The Devil wears Prada!”

Sharon Osbourne debuts silver hair on The Talk

Mrs. O debuted her new look today and it went over big time, as her fellow hosts loved her new look and tons of applause meant the audience was in lockstep agreement too, the verdict? Silver is gold for Osbourne whose dramatic change in her looks began this past summer with her new face-lift reveal.

The mother and manager opened up on The Talk saying, “It must have been a slow news day for people to talk about my hair. After 18 years of coloring it a vibrant cherry red, it surely was.”

Sheryl Underwood said, “I can call you silver fox now.”

Chiming in, Marie Osmond asked, “What did Ozzy say?”

Osbourne never missed a beat and said, “He says, the Devil Wears Prada!”

On what made her change the color, Osbourne said, “I was just so fed up of going, having it dyed and having it dyed, and I can’t do this anymore. I’m like why am I trying to do this or be something that I’m not? So, just be who you are.”

Guest co-host NeNe Leakes responded, “So does that mean I have to stop wearing my wig to be who I am?”

Osbourne said she is joining the ranks of the classy ladies who aren’t trying to appear as something they are not, and said, “Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren – and I’m like look how elegant they look and I’m like, okay, I don’t say I’m going to stop the surgery, just change my hair.”

A tough year for Mrs. O

Always a cheerleader for those she loves, Sharon has spoken about her husband’s health issues on several news shows and in print. She is currently helping Ozzy navigate a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

The Talk clip where Mrs. O strikes a pose:

She appeared nervous when she first came out but the peals of applause and the reaction of her fellow hosts made her day. Watch the clip below as Mrs. O shares how the decision to dramatically change her look went down with husband Ozzy Osbourne and why she dared to stop coloring her hair a vivid shade of red after all these years.

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS, check local listings.

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