Is Clint from Love After Lockup on drugs? Tracie’s Instagram lays it out

Clint from Love After Lockup in a confessional.
Clint has been accused of drug use since the show debuted. Pic credit: WEtv

Clint from Love After Lockup has been talked about since debuting on Season 2 of the hit WEtv show. His Goddess, Tracie did him dirty the same night the two married, and since then, things have been chaos.

Season 2 of Love After Lockup mostly featured Clint Brady trying to figure out what was going on with Tracie. The two married following her release from lockup and that same night she took off with his phone, car, and money. Clint was left in the hotel room alone and had to tell his mom what Tracie did to him.

Now, some Love After Lockup viewers are wondering whether Clint is on drugs. Of course, that isn’t shocking given that Tracie was into crack, and sometimes, things seem off with him. Is he using drugs? Are they both using drugs?

Tracie took to Instagram to defend Clint against the “haters” who have been throwing accusations at the couple. She told everyone that if they want to use crack or meth or anything else, they would. Tracie and Clint don’t owe anyone an explanation, do they?

After sharing a photo of herself and Clint and promoting t-shirts she is selling that say “MF crack” and “Motherf***ing Crack”, she started responding to comments. While Tracie denies that Clint is doing anything other than smoking weed, she does clarify that he did use more in the past. That isn’t shocking though, there was a lot of stuff drug up when the two first debuted on Season 2 of Love After Lockup.

Tracie IG comment
Tracie clarified what Clint does on Instagram. Pic credit: Instagram/tracie.loveafterlockup

Whether either party is using drugs is unknown. Both Tracie and Clint have to be taken at their word. Admitting to marijuana use is as far as she went, though it was curious to see her say it was legal. The two resided in New Mexico where marijuana has not yet been legalized. If they moved, there is a chance it is legal in the state they currently reside in.

It may seem like Clint is using drugs, though it appears that is not the case. As their story plays out on Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, viewers will get to see more of their explosive fight in Las Vegas. They remain together but whether it’ll last remains to be seen.

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