Ireland Baldwin spreads positivity about pregnancy with personal insights

Ireland Baldwin attends an event.
Ireland Baldwin shared inspirational insight into her pregnancy as she focused on the positives about carrying a baby. Pic credit: ©

Ireland Baldwin is fast approaching her due date with her first child and the model got real recently about exactly how she is feeling these days.

The 27-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger announced earlier this year that she and her boyfriend André Allen Anjos, known by his stage name RAC, were expecting their first child together.

The unabashed star has since continued to be open about the journey on her social media page, sharing a host of pictures of her baby belly.

In her latest post, Ireland pushed aside any anxiety about being honest with the populace and opened up about looking at the positives of pregnancy.

Sharing two posts with her followers, Ireland got candid for the first time since announcing her big news, saying that she was “so tired of how negative people can be about [pregnancy] all the time.”

“I firmly believe that misery loves company and people LOVE to tell you how you’re going to feel,” she continued. “So I want to share the many positives I’ve experienced in hopes it helps someone feel better today.”

Ireland Baldwin says she wants to break the cyle of negativity surrounding pregnancy.
Ireland Baldwin focuses on the positives of pregnancy. Pic credit: @irelandirelandireland/Instagram

Ireland Baldwin says she loves being pregnant, talks about her ‘resilient’ body and letting go of worry

In her second post, Ireland delved into the list of what her pregnancy has meant to her and how she has turned even the strange and uncomfortable phases into something uplifting.

Starting off by stating that, while having a being moving around inside her does often feel foreign, she takes comfort in feeling the kicks and punches because to her it means that her baby is “having a good time in there.”

Second on her positivity list was addressing the issue of being selfish and knowing that was okay because her well-being as an expectant mom was more important than giving in to what others wanted from her.

Next, Ireland explained that she has found medicine to be an important part of her journey, saying, “Your body is so much more resilient than you could imagine and medicine is amazing. You can read horror stories all day long but it’s not worth flooding your brain with the darkness.”

Ireland then offered an insightful message that many pregnant women could likely relate to, saying that pregnancy can come with extra stresses and concerns but she has chosen to let go of those worries because “so many things can happen to us every single day that are out of our control.”

Ireland Baldwin shares her thoughts about pregnancy.
Ireland Baldwin shares her thoughts about being pregnant. Pic credit: @irelandirelandireland/Instagram

Ireland Baldwin turns the negatives of pregnancy into positives

Continuing her open and honest IG share, Ireland went on to say that she has struggled with accepting the changes her body has gone through but worked through it by remembering that her body is providing a “little cozy home” for her unborn child.

While some people have apparently told her that her body would go downhill during pregnancy, Ireland shared that she has never felt better about some of the physical changes she has undergone, such as enjoying her “plump lips” and loving her glowing skin.

She went on to say she has had fun chatting to her baby and embracing all the emotions that have come with carrying and growing a life form and being okay with crying a lot.

In conclusion to her uplifting post, Ireland said she has had a blast buying clothes for her baby, which the model announced is going to be a girl, and that imagining how she will choose to parent her daughter has provided her with a sense of calm.

“I have the opportunity to give this little person all kinds of things I never had. I get to show her all the love. I can’t believe that!” she exclaimed.

Although Ireland and RAC shared that they plan to name their daughter Holland, as reported by PEOPLE, it remains unclear as to the exact date their little one is due to make her big arrival but based on her Instagram photos, that date is clearly coming up soon.

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