Kim Basinger gets ‘punchy’ in black and white throwback

Kim Basinger attends the Fifty Shades Darker premiere.
Kim Basinger made a rare appearance on her social media page. Pic credit: ©

Kim Basinger recently made a rare appearance on her social media page, dazzling fans with a stunning throwback snap.

Harkening back to her younger acting days, Kim looked stunning in a black-and-white photograph that showed the star tossing her hair and sporting boxing gloves on her hands.

A blonde halo of wispy locks encircled the ex-wife of Alec Baldwin and mother of model Ireland Baldwin in the flashback.

Although Kim did not specify a date for the shot, it appeared to have been taken in Kim’s heyday in Hollywood as she brought to mind memories of her L.A. Confidential days with her dazzlingly youthful features.

Kim could be seen wearing a fashionable blazer jacket that seemed to be made of a velvety material.

A white undershirt peeked out in the middle, and the jacket’s hemline capped off at thigh height, serving as her primary covering.

Kim Basinger stuns in fishnets for an epic flashback

Although the frame’s edge largely cut off Kim’s lower half, just enough of her upper legs showed that she was wearing stylish fishnet stockings.

This was no ordinary posing session as Kim wore heavy boxing gloves on both hands, resting one against her thigh and holding the other one at an angle against the wall behind her.

Keeping her eyes closed and tilting her head slightly for added effect, Kim captioned her stunning post, “Punch ’em out!” with a rocket emoji and stars at the end.

She tagged photographer Mitch Stone as the person behind the lens.

Although Kim does not post snaps of herself often, the star does use her social media to inform her fans of causes important to her, having advocated in the past for an end to the use of fur in the fashion industry and animal dissection in the classroom.

Kim Basinger is a PETA advocate

While the actress typically shares anti-cruelty ads on her Instagram page, mixed with occasional shout-outs to other celebs or films, Kim had fans falling over themselves when she shared a 1994 shoot she did with PETA.

Kim went sans clothing for the amazing snap, sharing an important message about not wearing fur.

“Wearing fur doesn’t make you beautiful. It shows you have no compassion, no taste, and are truly way behind the times…. Wake up. Join the list of the greatest designers in the world who have said no to the suffering. NO MORE FUR,” she captioned the beautiful black-and-white pic.

Kim has taken her love of animals even further than just posing for PETA, writing a scathing letter to the California State Board of Education in which she implored them to consider taking live animal experimentations out of the classroom.

“Dissection is a nightmare for animals, many of whom are killed specifically to be cut apart,” Kim wrote, as reported by PETA. “School should be a safe place of learning and personal growth, especially at a time of so much violence and unrest. We need to instill compassion in children—and dissection teaches a flagrant disregard for life.”

The actress continued her plea, telling the Board that she viewed using animals for dissection as a “cruel” form of teaching and politely but firmly asking them to find other means of educating students about animal anatomy.

She added that pushing students into dissection when they have expressed a desire to abstain from the practice is “not OK,” saying that many students feel “intimidated” into dissecting animals due to pressures placed on them by their peers and the teachers.

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