Ireland Baldwin shares intimate post about anxiety attack, writes about it from bathroom floor

Ireland Baldwin at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ireland Baldwin opened up about a recent anxiety attack as she shared intimate photos of herself curled on the bathroom floor. ©

Ireland Baldwin suffered an anxiety attack and took to Instagram to share her experience with her fans.

The 26-year-old model and daughter of actor Alec Baldwin and look-alike actress Kim Basinger gave an intimate look into her life behind the spotlight, revealing her struggles with holding down caffeine with her anxiety disorder.

Going make-up free and baring her emotions on her social media page, Ireland let fans in on her battle to try to learn that caffeinated beverages don’t serve her well.

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Ireland Baldwin shared a candid post about her struggles with her anxiety disorder

Breaking down a very recent episode she had, Ireland got impressively candid about what it is like to try to drink coffee with anxiety.

“t’s ✨anxiety attack time✨,” she wrote in her lengthy caption, adding details that her attack was brought on by consuming coffee without having eaten any food beforehand and sharing that she was posting the update from the floor of her bathroom.

“This morning I had one cup of coffee on an empty stomach which turned into an anxiety attack! I am currently writing this from the bathroom floor. I usually sit here like this or lay in fetal position until I can’t cry or throw up anymore. Coffee is major esophageal irritator and reflux trigger for me which leads to anxiety,” she continued.

Fans were there to share their support for Ireland’s anxiety struggles

Fans of the model were quick to offer their thoughts and advice while also supporting her in her battle.

“I have to have mine with fat (usually cream or milk) otherwise my body goes full panic attack mode. Feel better ❤️‍?,” offered one helpful fan.

Others chimed in with their thoughts, adding, “Yep awful for me too. Went decaf and the anxiety/dread almost entirely went away,” and “SAME ☕️?.”

Another supporter added, “Decaf coffee has made a huge difference in my life. I suffered without coffee to control anxiety years ago and made the change to decaf which gave me the feeling coffee ☕️ provides me ? and no panic attacks! ?.”

Ireland Baldwin's comment section
Pic credit: @irelandbasingerbaldwin/Instagram

Ireland previously opened up about her anxiety in another candid post

This is not the first time Ireland has been open with her fans about her anxiety, sharing another honest look at her life with the disorder in January.

Ireland Baldwin's comment section
Pic credit: @irelandbasingerbaldwin/Instagram

The model posted a photo of herself holding a heart rate and blood pressure monitor, writing that she lives “in a constant fear that I’m dying from a heart attack,” adding that she has called paramedics in the past because she thought she was dying.

“My anxiety has gotten SO BAD in the past that I have called ambulances and have had hospital visits where paramedics and doctors assure me my heart is ok,” she wrote.

Despite the heaviness of the post, Ireland assured her fans that she was okay and that having the heart monitor and blood pressure tools around had allowed her to take care of herself and get through the attacks with a sense of security.

Ireland added encouragement to her fans, telling them not to feel ashamed of needing to walk away or go outside for a break sometimes if they feel their own anxiety rearing its ugly head.

“You’re not alone. Hold on to your comfort item right,” she said.

“Don’t let people make you feel guilty for having to take a walk or take some space or stay home because you’re not feeling good. Surround yourself with people who understand or at least try to. And if you’re feeling anxious right now… deep breaths. You’re going to be ok.”

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