Hilary Duff net worth: How the established actor and singer made her millions

Hilary Duff on the red carpet
Hilary Duff’s net worth and how she has earned so much. Pic credit: ©

With a career spanning more than two decades, Hilary Duff has remained a relevant and a big name in pop culture.

Unlike a lot of child actors, the Come Clean hitmaker has managed to morph into a credible star with many accolades that continue to grow.

With that being said, how much is Duff worth? Keep reading to find out.

Hilary Duff’s net worth in 2021

As of December 2021, Hilary Duff is worth a whopping $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Due to her consistent hard work, Duff is a wealthy millionaire. But, how did she earn her coin?

Hilary Duff earned millions from her early acting jobs

Hilary Duff started acting at a very young age in the late 1990s. However, it wouldn’t be until she would be cast as Lizzie McGuire for the Disney Channel show of the same name when she would become a global household name.

As noted by Celebrity Net Worth, Duff was paid $15,000 per episode for the show, helping her take home just under $1 million for one series. For its 2003 blockbuster movie, she earned $1 million. To star in Agent Cody Banks that same year, she was given half a million to play the role of Natalie Connors.

2003 was a busy and successful year for Duff as she also starred in Cheaper by the Dozen alongside Steve Martin. For the first film, she was paid $1 million, and due to its popularity, her salary doubled for the sequel.

The next couple of years proved that Duff was still in demand, booking back-to-back roles for a number of high-profile movies. For Raise Your Voice, The Perfect Man, and Material Girls, the So Yesterday hitmaker earned $2 million for each part. For her lead role of Samantha Montgomery in A Cinderella Story, Duff took home $2.2 million.

Duff’s acting career is far from over. In 2015, she bagged herself the main role of Kelsey Peters in television series Younger, which has so far enjoyed seven successful seasons. In 2022, she will be debuting her role of Sophie in Hulu’s upcoming new show How I Met Your Father.

Hilary Duff’s career as a chart-topping singer proved she could do it all

Hilary Duff’s primary income may come from acting, but her music career helped contribute to her household status around the globe.

To date, Duff has released five studio albums, four of which have entered the top five in the US. Her second album, Metamorphosis, reached the top spot in the US and Canada and sold over five million worldwide. Duff’s first compilation LP, Most Wanted, also reached No. 1 in both the US and Canada. Combined, the business mogul has shifted over 15 million records.

After scoring herself numerous hit albums and singles, Duff went on several tours. Her Still Most Wanted Tour remains her largest to date, playing to 78 concerts in four different continents.

Duff’s last album, Breathe In. Breathe Out., may have been released over six years ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans from listening to her back catalog. On Spotify, she currently has over 1.6 million monthly listeners.

Hilary Duff’s other ventures have contributed to her net worth

Outside of music and acting, Hilary Duff has also launched two clothing lines, one of which was a jeans line with DKNY. Like a lot of popular stars from the 2000s, she put out two perfume collections.

More recently, she released a collaborative eyewear line collection with GlassesUSA — Muse x Hilary Duff.

What has Hilary Duff spent her money on?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hilary Duff splashed out on a $3.5 million home at 17 years old in the LA suburb of Toluca Lake. In 2010, she listed the house for sale and sold it for $6.5 million.

Duff and her first husband, Mike Comrie, purchased a $3.85 million Beverly Hills home in 2010, where she still lives with her second husband, Matthew Koma, and three children. In September 2020, she showed off the family home for Architectural Digest.

In 2016, Duff bought another property in Studio City, California, for $2.695 million but later on sold it for $3.172 million in 2019.

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