Here’s the surprising way Lamar Odom got his Instagram account back

Lamar Odom on the red carpet
Lamar Odom showed determination to get his Instagram account back under control. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Former basketball player Lamar Odom finally got his Instagram account back, but it took some extraordinary measures for him to wrestle back control.

Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband has been embroiled in a battle with his former management team that saw him lose control of his IG account in late July.

Odom, 42, finally got his account back on Wednesday, writing on his Instagram Story, “I’m back! Got access to my account thanks to Instagram.”

According to TMZ Sports, he added, “Anything you saw posted in my story or on my page was not me posting or commenting from this page.”

So, how did Odom get his account back? Well, he went straight to the source at Instagram headquarters in Menlo Park, California, which got the whole problem sorted.

As per TMZ, Odom publicly slammed his old management team last month when he stated, “my social media is not yours! If I chose to leave, that’s the decision I make. Your decision shouldn’t be to highjack my social media.”

The former Laker’s old management was reportedly still posting on his Instagram page right up until the last moment when Odom was put back in control.

Lamar Odom is finally back in control of his Instagram account

Odom has posted a few pics and vids to his Instagram Stories but has not yet put up any permanent posts. His initial “I’m back” post has expired, but he has reposted an Instagram Story from new manager Gina Rodrguez.

Rodriguez superimposed the words, “@lamarodom is back and only LAMAR is running his account!!” over a screenshot of Odom’s profile.

Gina Rodriguez IG post
Pic credit: @ginarodriguez/Instagram

Odom has praised Rodriguez for helping him get his account back.

The athlete has 827,000 followers on his Instagram page, and with Odom back in charge, this number will likely continue to grow.

Lamar Odom still doesn’t have control of his Facebook account

However, it appears Odom may still be having trouble accessing his Facebook account.

When a fan asked on Twitter why we hadn’t heard from him on Facebook, the former basketballer stated yesterday that he hasn’t been in control of his account for years, “I dont have control of my FB, Its been hacked for years.”

Lamar Odom tweet
Pic credit: @Tawnee316/@LamarOdom/Twitter

Hopefully, Odom will have all his social media worries sorted out shortly.

In other Lamar Odom news, the former husband to Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted house hunting in the Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles. Why is this surprising?

Well, it happens to be Khloe and Tristan Thompson’s current neighborhood. However, since their split, Odom has said very positive things about his ex-wife.

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