Here’s how Mariah Carey feels about Nick Cannon and all of his kids

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon reveals how ex Mariah Carey feels about all of his kids. Pic credit: ©

Nick Cannon and his 12 children are a frequent topic of discussion, but so is his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

Although some may say that Nick fumbled his relationship with Mariah, it seems the two are still on good terms following their split in 2016.

Of Nick’s 12 kids, two are twins Monroe and Moroccan, with Mariah. They’re the oldest of his crew, but fortunately, they don’t seem to mind their unconventional life.

And neither does Mariah — so long as Nick doesn’t bring any drama to her.

Nick revealed on The Jason Lee Show that Mariah will check in on him, asking how he’s doing and if he’s “handling it all,” but she’s good “as long as you don’t bring none of that bulls**t to the Manor of Carey.”

He added, “Like, she lives in her own world, nothing can infiltrate that stuff. When we talk daily, she’s just checking on my spirit.”

Fortunately for Nick, it seems that as long as his kids are cared for, and he keeps any possible drama away from the situation, Mariah, Monroe, and Moroccan are all content with his ever-growing brood of children.

Nick Cannon denies ‘deadbeat’ label

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Nick Cannon knows that he’s been labeled a deadbeat father based on the number of kids he has, and he’s not here for it.

He made it clear that while he may not get to spend time with his children as much as he likes to, they and their mothers are all provided for.

He added that there’s nothing any of them could ask him for that he would say no to as he is dedicated to providing good lives for them, no matter what the cost.

Although he does feel some guilt over not spending enough time with his children (which he goes to therapy for, good job, Nick!), there is one child that he’s been spending a lot of time with lately.

Nick Cannon reveals which child he sees the most

While on The Jason Lee Show, Nick revealed that there is one child he spends more time with than the others: 5-month-old baby girl Onyx, shared with LaNisha Cole.

He said that that’s “probably the child I spend the most time with,” adding that he’s with her “at least three days a week for the full day.”

While that may not seem like a lot of time for parents who are parents every single day of the week, for someone like Nick with a dozen kids and many commitments, it’s not a bad amount of time.

Fortunately, Nick is focused on his life and is tuning out the haters; he plans to just keep doing his own thing.

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