Grandma Mary Duggar death details: Who found her and when will her funeral take place?

Grandma Mary Duggar during a confessional on 19 Kids and Counting.
Details about Grandma Mary’s death are being released. Pic credit: TLC

Grandma Mary Duggar passed away tragically on Sunday and since then, details surrounding her death have been trickling out.

News of Grandma Mary Duggar’s death was shared late Sunday night on the official Duggar family Facebook page. There weren’t many details revealed and shortly after, tributes from the grandchildren started to flood social media.

There were questions regarding Grandma Mary’s death and the circumstances surrounding it. She had attended her church that same morning and it was rumored a party was supposed to take place at the main Duggar home.

According to People, Deanna Duggar was the one who found Grandma Mary Duggar in the pool and made the reported 911 call. Initially, reports hinted it was a possible drowning but that had not been confirmed.

Now, the coroner has officially ruled the death an accidental drowning.

It is tragic for all involved but especially for her daughter Deanna. Not only did she find her mom, but she was incredibly close to Mary Duggar.

She helped raise Amy Duggar, which was talked about a lot when the show was called 19 Kids and Counting.

Services for Grandma Mary Duggar are reportedly happening Monday according to the Duggar Family News: Life isn’t all pickles and hairspray Facebook page.

The page has been reliable so far, which means the details about the service are likely what will happen. It appears that Monday was chosen due to the Duggar family having a friend’s wedding over the weekend.

The tragedy is something no one expected. The Duggar family opened up a place for viewers to leave messages and their favorite memories of Grandma Mary Duggar to help as they navigate this trying time.

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