Goldie Patricia: Carson Daly reveals the reason for newborn daughter’s name

Today show co-host Carson Daly
Today show co-host Carson Daly shares the reason why they named their baby Goldie Patricia. Pic credit: ©

Today show co-host Carson Daly has shared the reasons why he and his wife, Siri, named their newborn daughter Goldie Patricia.

Daly’s baby was born in Long Island, at 4:08 p.m. on Thursday, March 26. She was born weighing 8.2 lbs. and 20 inches, according to a post on Daly’s Instagram (see below).

Daly called into Today show earlier today to share details of the exciting news of the arrival of their fourth child.

Daly opened up to his colleagues — Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, and Al Roker — about the reason they named their baby Goldie Patricia.

Daly first praised Siri’s courage and heroism

Daly, 46, praised Siri for her courage, strength, and heroism during her pregnancy, labor, and childbirth amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

He explained that Siri had to be alone most of the time at the hospital due to restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

He said he was only allowed to be with her in the delivery room during the birth.

“She’s a superstar; she’s a superhero. I wake up enamored by her,” Daly enthused.

Then he went on to reveal their reasons for naming their baby Goldie Patricia.

Carson and Siri named their daughter Patricia as a tribute to his late mother

Daly revealed that the name Patricia was a tribute to his late mother, who died in 2017. Daly’s mom, Pattie Daly Caruso, died of a heart attack in September 2017.

“It would have been my mom’s birthday tomorrow, so that worked out to be quite nice,” he said.

He also revealed that they named the baby Goldie because he wanted her to have an Irish name after the results of his Ancestry DNA kit confirmed he was 98-percent Irish.

She seemed like a ‘pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow’

Daly and Siri were searching for Irish names for their baby, and they drew up a shortlist of names that they liked. They were unable to decide on the name they liked best.

That was when Daly had a brainwave.

He said he felt that the baby, their fourth child, seemed like a “pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow.”

“I told Siri, ‘What do you think about Goldie Patricia?’ And that was it. It was just one of those things, we knew.”

He added that they would nickname Goldie, GoGo.

Goldie’s siblings are thrilled to welcome their sister

Baby Goldie Patricia has two older sisters, London Rose who is 5, and Etta Jones, who is 7. She also has an older brother, James, 11.

Daly said that Goldie’s three siblings were excited to welcome their sister. Their youngest daughter, London, was looking forward to meeting GoGo because daddy had promised that GoGo would buy her a toy.

“London, my youngest, reminded me, she said, ‘Daddy, I think you said that GoGo is going to buy me a toy. So when can I get my toy?'”

Daly ended with a shout out to the medical staff at their hospital in Long Island, New York, who continued performing their duties despite the risks they faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

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